Internship Recruiting Specialist

Greenhouse Church
Gainesville, Florida, United States

Date Posted: 07/12/2018
Categories: Christian Education - Communications - Media/Technology - Other
Denominations: Assemblies of God
Church Size: 3001 to 4000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Job Purpose

This is a full-time position and reports directly to the Internship Pastor who is responsible for the oversight of the GH Internship, Summer Internship and 2nd Year Residency Programs and works in partnership with other members of the GH Staff and Pastoral team. The position’s purpose is to assist the Internship Pastor in the execution of the Greenhouse Church Internship Program, Summer Internship, and 2nd Year Residency Program by overseeing recruiting, marketing and onboarding.


This individual will be expected to be knowledgeable of the Greenhouse mission, core values, ministry strategy, and the Internship Strategy and will assist in advancing this mission, adhere to these values and implement these strategies through their role.  This individual is also expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff and congregation through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer, and other appropriate ways as he/she serves his/her Lord Jesus Christ.


Required Character Attributes & Team Values

Must Be Willing to Uphold and Champion the Following Team Values:
  • Be a God seeker
  • Help to increase the faith quotient of the team
  • Be able to have crucial conversations
  • Must work hard and play hard
  • Be willing to progress as a disciple, teammate, and employee
Must Have the Following Character Attributes:
  • Places a high value on unity (According to Ephesians 4:3)
  • Lives a life above reproach (1 Timothy 3)
  • Models appropriate behavior toward the opposite sex (Ephesians 5:3)
  • Models a life of holiness, purity, and integrity (Hebrews12:14)
  • Has a good grasp of scripture and not given to untested points of view (Colossians 2:8)
  • Devotes themselves to prayer (Colossians 4:2)
  • Has a persevering spirit and soul (James 1:4).
  • Is strong and stable and not given to double-mindedness (James 1:8)
  • Is quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to be angry (James 1:19)
  • Has a calmness of spirit and does not overreact (Proverbs 29:20)
  • Displays loyalty to other team members (2 Timothy 4:9-18)
  • Displays a positive attitude (Philippians 4:8)

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Demonstrated experience in completing a range of administrative and/or necessary tasks
  • Demonstrated experience in Christian leadership by using credibility and capabilities to influence followers to pursue God’s direction for their lives
  • Evidences foundational spiritual qualities such as integrity, faithfulness, compassion, and grace.
  • Displays accountability to staff and the ministry of the church
  • A good level of communication and interpersonal skills including the ability to work as a part of a team-oriented working environment, and to mobilize others as part of a team culture
  • Demonstrated competence in managing procedures, processes, and resources
  • Excellent time management skills


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent Required (Bachelors Degree Preferred)
  • Marketing training or experience preferred 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, and Cloud-based document storage

Duties and Responsibilities (Applies to All Internship Programs)


Oversee Relational Recruiting
  • Expand and utilize your personal network of relationships for recruiting
  • Creatively engage staff and maximize their relational network
  • Network with people inside and outside of our church to find prospective students
  • Promptly follow up with all interested persons and create/maintain a structured follow-up system
  • Develop and execute retention plans that move students from one program to another
Create and Conduct Recruiting Events
  • Develop and execute creative events to generate program interest
  • Coordinate, and sometimes lead, existing recruiting programs. i.e. The God Seeking Intensive, The Calling Lab and the Experience.
  • Coordinate promotion at appropriate conferences/gatherings 


Manage Branding and Messaging

  • Work with Internship Pastor to determine overall brand design and message
  • Make sure all promo material stays “on brand”
  • Find creative ways to keep church staff aware of Internship messaging
  • Maintain the value of diversity in all of our programs

Mastermind The Creative Process For All Promotional Materials

  • Oversee social media accounts and ad promotions
  • Collaborate with others to develop all necessary print promo materials
  • Partner with others to create attractive internship merchandise
  • Work with others to maintain the Internship websites
  • Create and execute a plan to regularly capture relevant photos
  • Work with others to develop creative promo videos of varying lengths
  • Coordinate announcements with campus pastors when appropriate
  • Develop and Lead a Volunteer Team
  • Recruit and lead a team of volunteers to help accomplish the above work 


Supervise the Application Process

  • Ensure our applications are easy to use and provide us with all relevant information
  • Walk potential students through the application process
  • Process all applications and pass notable information to Internship Pastor
  • Maintain applicant database and track year-to-year data

Oversee the Interview Process

  • Oversee and improve our interview process
  • Take the main load of interviews
  • Work with Internship Pastor to schedule interviews he needs to be a part of 



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