Campus Student Pastor
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Date Posted: 06/25/2018
Categories: Youth Pastor
Denominations: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: 5001 to 7500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Principal Function: The Campus Student Pastors principle function is to implement and carry out the vision of student ministry in a program of evangelism, discipleship, and ministry on one of the multiple campus sites of theChurchat under the supervision of the Campus Pastor


Supervisor: Campus Pastor with direction from the Lead Student Pastor


Hours: This is a full time position. The weekly office hours include 9:00am-5:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, Wednesdays 9:30am-9:00pm, and Sundays 7:30-12:00. Sporting events (minim of 1 a week during school year)


Responsibilities: The Campus Student Pastor is responsible for the following:


1. Enlist and train adult volunteers for student ministry for that campus.

2. Plan and conduct monthly training with volunteers for that campus.

3. Provide ongoing care and contact for community group leaders.

4. Establish trusting relationships with school campuses.

5. Plan and organize summer camp with student staff under the direction of Lead Student Pastor

6. Recruit and train student leaders.

7. Partner with parts in the spiritual development of students.

8. Train and equip parents to lead Christ honoring families.

9. Plan outreach events with student team.

10. Help lead ministry toward tC student ministries Big Three. The Big Three; Purse the Lost, Connect the Disconnected, and Build disciples through relationships.

11. Meet with Student Staff Tuesday’s at 9:30-10:45 and Thursday’s at 9:30-11:45.

12. Follow up on Decisions made on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and events for your campus.

13. Give overall leadership to Campus student mission trips with student staff team.

14. Plan and conduct Sunday morning program under supervision of Lead Student Pastor.

15. Plan and conduct Wednesday night program for campus with Student Ministry Team.

16. Carry out a clear strategy for reaching students, discipling students, involving students in ministry, and reproducing themselves.

17. Plan special events that support the strategy of Pursuing the Lost, Connecting the Disconnected, and building disciples.

18. Seek out personal training and growth opportunities for students on that campus.

19. Support the vision of both Senior staff and our Pastor.

20. Work along side the Campus Pastor and staff for that campus.




Overall Expectations of staff.

1. Be sure we are all on same page as a staff team and all staff know their job description

a. Character

b. Chemistry

c. Competency

d. Loyalty

e. Have fun

2. Staff Growing Spiritually

a. Attending Church with spouse –

b. Spending time with God daily –

c. Spending time with Family/friends

d. One leadership book a semester

3. Building strong relationships with students

a. School Lunches (2x’s a week)

b. Sporting Events one a week (minimum)

c. Facebook/twitter/instagram

4. Building strong relationships between school administration and staff

a. Pick 2 schools a semester (1 hs and 1 jr high) and feed the teachers/athletic department. (4 schools a year)

b. Take PowerAde/etc to all teams/squads/bands

c. Jr/Hs Feed 1 football team a semester

d. Team Chaplains -

5. Give Strong Identity to Sunday AM and Wednesday Nights

6. Grow and Develop Sunday AM community groups

7. Train all volunteers to fit our current student ministry – be sure all volunteers and staff are working hard together – (staff is equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry)

a. Have a Goal for all campus volunteer ministry. Goal must plan for growth.

b. Write down your goals.

8. Implement a follow up strategy

a. Visitor

i. Letter from Lead Student Pastor

ii. Personal Note from age grade pastor

iii. Phone Call from Age Graded staff member.

iv. Message through Facebook from Staff.

v. Community Group Leader contact an invite them to community group

vi. WEEKLY GOALS (Thursdays and Monday we will go through these.)

vii. Once a month print off roles


b. Decision

i. Letter from Lead Student Pastor

ii. Note from age grade pastor

iii. Phone Call from age graded pastor (set a time for Baptism)

iv. facebook message from age graded pastor

v. Contacted by a Community group leader.

c. Prospect on roll.

i. Once a month contact by age grade pastor (through e-mail/facebook/personal phone call)

ii. Once a month phone call from community group leader

iii. 1x a Month we send a letter from the student ministry to them letting them know they were missed.

iv. Clean up rolls? Who needs to come off and who needs to be added?

D. Member

a. If missed 2 weeks contact from age graded pastor

b. If Missed 2 weeks the Community group sends them a letter saying they missed them that week.

c. Contact from Community group leader weekly.

9. Create Service Teams

a. Set Up Team Check-in Team

b. Greeter Team for Wednesday and Sunday.

c. Create stage hands

10. Volunteer meeting

11. Creative Meetings Thursday 9:30am

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