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Duluth, Georgia, United States

Date Posted: 06/07/2018
Categories: Business/Administration - Other
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Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


About the Organization:

StartCHURCH is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of pastors, leaders, and church boards that have a vision to make a difference in their communities through establishing new churches and ministries. Knowing that churches face increased scrutiny, StartCHURCH answered the call to be a voice to the Body of Christ by educating and empowering men and women of God not only to start their churches, but also to run and manage them better.

StartCHURCH believes in helping those who feel called to leadership within the Body of Christ. To that end, the authors have designed all products and services to aid ministers in fulfilling the call of God on their lives. Most of the resources on the website have been authored by Reverend Raul Rivera, who has over 18 years of extensive experience researching the compliance issues that surround religious and non-profit organizations. Using simple day-to-day language, Raul has created more than 80 effective and user-friendly manuals and compliance software and document packages, such as the StartRIGHT Program, to make church starts and management easier. 

In October of 2006, StartCHURCH began hosting live conferences aimed at reaching pastors and church leaders on a personal level. In the years since StartCHURCH started hosting the conferences, thousands of pastors and church leaders have come together to hear Raul's vision for the business side of church in the 21st century. His personal experiences as a pastor, coupled with his years of consulting experience, make the conference an engaging time filled with fun and encouragement. 



About the Position:

StartCHURCH is searching for an experienced and dynamic Director of Outside Sales, who is wholeheartedly dedicated to meeting the current needs of pastors, leaders, and church boards that have a vision of making a difference in their communities through establishing new churches and ministries. The successful candidate is able to clearly articulate the practical and effective ways to be successful in fulfilling their God given dreams as well as helping empower them through the training and resources provided by StartCHURCH. This person is passionately committed to carrying this message and resources to client churches, ministry leaders, and the faith-based markets through the avenues of intensive sales techniques and through the Ultimate Church Structure Conferences.

The Director of Outside Sales is a brand ambassador, mainly focusing on relationships external to our incoming calls. The DoOS is mostly a personal representation of StartCHURCH to vendors, customers and potential partners. This person will formulate and execute a strategy to increase sales and brand awareness through targeting larger customers and larger organizations for prospecting. From church planting organizations to seminaries to church planting churches, the DoOS will meet, present, speak and build partnerships with larger organizations projects and customers around the nation.

There are two components to this role, Conference Speaking and Brand Ambassador.

What We Are Searching For/Qualifications:

The following describes many of the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the Director of Outside Sales:

The individual will ideally be a self-starter and a result-oriented contributor with experience in church, non-profit ministry, or a professional with extensive experience in business/sales. Additional church planter experience with significant growth, beginning from inception, and reaching catalytic success would be a plus. 

The person that assumes this role will likely be one that has a ‘story’ that inspires and compels listeners towards progress. They will have a proven track record of outside sales experience and making connections and creating lasting relationships with clients. 


While education is not a predetermining factor for the selection of the next Director of Outside Sales, it is likely that this individual has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Experience & Skills

  • A ‘high performer’ comfortable working alongside a ‘high capacity’ team.
  • Ability to communicate both clearly and effectively.
  • Capability of motivating and energizing pastors and leaders to make proactive decisions.
  • Highly entrepreneurial with a natural ability to initiate and close sales.
  • Substantial experience with diverse people groups and communities.
  • Proven leadership proficiency in both large and small group surroundings.
  • Ability to adapt and speak on various ministry-oriented topics.
  • Demonstrated agility and excellence in high-sales work environment.
  • Ability to work in interconnected, collaborative team environment.
  • Possess intuitive thinking capable of identifying and capitalizing on the potential of others.
  • Able to maximize personal capacity for growth and achieve proposed sales goals.
  • Effectively communicate highly complex compliance topics in a way that others can understand.
  • Pitch products and services over the course of a presentation, sales calls, or direct personal exchange.
  • A solid technical ability to work with computers, operating systems, presentations, etc.
  • Willingness to stay current with emerging changes in the area of compliance.
  • Strong face-to-face and presentation skills, able to command a room and speak with excellence.
  • Strong phone presence and experience making lots of calls per day.
  • Experience working with team members to achieve team related goals, while meeting individual goals in a timely manner.
  • Experience working with a sales funnel.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Strong listening and presentation skills.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively.

Personal Characteristics

A love for training and developing leaders, a passion for the StartCHURCH organization, a natural ability to sale, and a gift of speaking are imperative. Must be a people centric, comfortably charismatic, and a passionate individual who has a remarkable ability to connect with people on a personal level.  Other characteristics include:

  • Strong, demonstrated relationship with Jesus Christ and the local church.
  • Possess a high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
  • Excellent relational skills and an infectious love for leaders.
  • Possesses a worldview and theological doctrine that matches that of StartCHURCH.
  • A gifted communicator who listens well and is open to instruction, guidance, and mentorship from leadership.
  • Self-starter that takes the initiative for personal and professional growth and development.
  • Proven skills that foster trust, fairness, and teamwork and a common focus on excellence in all areas.
  • Ambitious and result oriented contributor.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a strong individual work ethic.
  • Personal ambitions to meet, achieve and exceed personal and professional goals.

About the Location:

Duluth is a vibrant city with offerings to satisfy today’s varied lifestyles, interests and requirements. From state-of-the-art medical, educational, and governmental facilities, to thriving business, cultural, and recreational opportunities, Duluth serves as home and host to individuals and families who come here from around the globe. Gwinnett County, of which Duluth is a part, boasts some of the best schools in the state and is known as a great place to raise a family. Its proximity to Atlanta is a convenience, yet residents and visitors find all they desire and need within the city limits of Duluth and in the surrounding communities that comprise Gwinnett County.



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