Pastor of Worship

First Baptist Church La Vernia Texas
La Vernia, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 06/04/2018
Categories: Worship Pastor
Denominations: Baptist
Church Size: 351 to 500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


 Position: Pastor of Worship
Reports To: Senior Pastor
Status: Full Time

The Pastor of Worship is responsible to the church for providing passionate spiritual leadership through music related ministries and for providing in-depth spiritual leadership through family related ministries and activities. He should use his skills in leading worship and family activities in a way that proclaims the Gospel and reaches the lost. This is done by enhancing the congregation's sense of celebration in worship and leading the congregation to develop the inherent gifts of its individuals. The Pastor of Worship will focus on the totality of our individual and corporate worship experience of God and create venues for, and assist in, expressions of praise and worship. He is responsible to oversee all music related ministries to ensure those ministries keep the purpose and focus of the First Baptist Church of La Vernia. To create a universal vision for the worship ministry and make sure that all worship elements of our church are consistent. The Pastor of Worship is accountable to the Senior Pastor.


1. Provide leadership to the church through a music ministry program, including drama and other fine arts appropriate for worship.
2. Lead choir and programs for adults, youth, and children.
3. Participate and oversee all church activities involving music and drama.
4. Promote church members, including the younger members to participation in music related ministries. Be responsible for cultivating worship abilities in members leading to their more effective use by Christ in His work through music related ministries by providing musical training and discipleship.
5. Recruit, train, and rehearse with Worship Team, instrumentalists, and sound/video/Power Point personnel in preparation for all worship services.
6. Oversee and be involved with all sound, lighting, and video equipment and recording ministry of the church.
7. Coordinate with Media Director to improve and update media technologies, be hands on with loading/moving/installing lights and sound.
8. Coordinate with the Creative Director to provide and create unique worship experiences for all events.
9. Ensure that music/media is provided for weddings and funerals held at FBCLV.
10. Work closely with Senior Pastor/Media Director/Creative Director to plan services with unity and vision.
11. Help in the Pastoral duties; i.e. in Hospital and Home visits.
12. Perform other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

1. Plan and lead the music in worship services, prepare and deliver special music.
2. Plan special worship services and community outreach; i.e. worship at nursing home, ideally, one per quarter, and evaluate their effectiveness.
3. Plan music/media appreciation events; i.e. Easter/Christmas/P3, Baccalaureate/church picnic, concerts, 5th Sunday singings dramas, skits, etc. to encourage growth, discipleship, and relationship building.
4. Coordinate the scheduling of band members and vocalists, as well as lead/develop and practice with them. Choose songs for Sunday Service and rehearsals.
5. Organize services using multimedia programs and obtain sermon slides and graphics to be used.
6. Make sure services are planned and organized for excellence.

1. Develop a yearly budget for the church's music needs, equipment and/or activities as part of the church budget.
2. Monitor that proper expenditure procedures are in place and followed for all music and family ministry expenses.
3. Stay informed on current music trends. Attend approximately two seminars, conferences or workshops each year to improve educational and professional skills.
4. Submit articles as needed for publications such as newspapers, monthly newsletters or special publications, and quarterly Business Meeting reports.
5. Maintain a professional, neat, clean, orderly and organized office environment.
6. Ensure that all messages and mail are responded to in a timely manner. This includes, but is not limited to mail, email, telephone messages, etc.
7. Provide regular status reports of accomplishments/issues to the pastoral staff at staff meetings or as needed.
8. Attend all worship services and be available before and after to minister as needed.
9. Maintain consistent office hours as much as possible and keep the church secretary informed of daily and weekly schedule.
10. Conduct other duties as needed or assigned.

1. A skilled musician and vocalist. Ability to play multiple instruments is a plus.
2. Interpret and read musical arrangements for choir and ensembles.
3. Capable of directing choir.
4. Technically advanced in media technologies, service planning software, and worship.
5. Versed in CCLI licensing and song reporting requirements/screen display.
6. Improve and maintain all audio and visual equipment.
7. To be able to put Sunday sermons/services on line and live stream special services.

Personal Characteristics
1. A Christ-centered, Biblically-rooted, warm-hearted faith in Christ which expresses itself in loving, joyful, healthy relationships with others and personal freedom in sharing his/her personal experience of Christ
2. A clear passion to draw uncommitted persons into a living relationship with Jesus Christ
3. An excitement and commitment to the mission and vision of First Baptist Church of La Vernia
4. A visionary person with the freedom to explore the most effective means by which our mission can be fulfilled
5. A team-player who works well with other members of the church staff and who has proven effectiveness in working with volunteers
6. Personal commitment to the spiritual doctrine and accepted policies/by-laws of La Vernia First Baptist Church, to include Church Membership
7. Christian character evidenced by a life of prayer, spiritual discipline, and participation in the life of the church; a desire to grow in the Word and leadership abilities by taking advantage of education and training opportunities
8. A sense of humor and ability not to take himself too seriously.
9. High energy level for the demands of a growing ministry.
10. Above reproach in integrity and confidentiality.
11. As a staff person and leader, it is your duty to promote and protect the unity of this church and your leadership team by refusing to gossip (Rom. 14:19), acting in love toward other members and staff (I Pet.I:22), following the leadership of this church (Heb. 13:17), handling conflicts, rumors, criticism, and grumbling in a biblical manner by going to your brother/sister in love and working toward a solution (Mt. 5:24), and seeking help and direction from your leadership.

Conditions / Physical Requirements
1. Primarily indoor office and classroom work with regular outdoor duties, activities and traveling requirements. Occasional long periods of sitting, standing, running and walking.
2. Able to load and unload band equipment as well as stage/prop items.
3. Visual acuity, speech and hearing, hand and eye coordination, and manual dexterity necessary to operate typical office equipment.
4. This position is subject to at least a six months probationary period for new hires.


Please provide a brief description of your salvation experience.

Submit resume before July 5th.

Include link to video/service leading tapes,etc.


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