Worship Director and/or Youth Director

Crossing Community Church
Genesee Depot, Wisconsin, United States

Date Posted: 05/21/2018
Categories: Music Ministry - Para-church Ministries - Worship Pastor - Young Adult Pastor - Youth Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 101 to 150
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Crossing Community Church is a Christian, non-denominational church of about 150 regular attendees (around 100 weekly attendance) in Genesee Depot, Wisconsin.   Genesee Depot is part of the Waukesha County community which is the first county west of Milwaukee.  We are very connected to the metropolitan area, yet are just outside the hustle of the city in a vibrant and growing countrylike area.


Our church story is that we began in December of 2009 and remained a small church for many years.  God truly helped us to trust Him and helped our Lead Pastor persevere through the challenges of keeping a small church going.  Then, in December of 2015, our church was able to get an accepted offer to purchase on a complex of buildings in Genesee Depot.  Just under two years later, in September of 2017 (after an extensive remodeling project), Crossing Community Church opened its doors to the community.  The reception by our community to our "new" church has been amazing.  The church has grown considerably, and there is a joy shared amongst the people.  Our church not only is a community in and of itself, but our facility aides to that community feeling as we have several tenants, including an attached coffee shop, the local post office, and two other buildings that are part of our complex.


We are best described by the following statement:  We are a welcoming community devoted to one another and honoring God's Word.


Our team is made up of the Lead Pastor Jay Cavaiani, Executive Pastor Nathan Schindler, and Annie Nelson who heads up our office management and accounting tasks.  Currently, we have relationships with many worship leaders who we have been scheduling in advance and paying on a weekly basis.  We are looking for a worship director/pastor to come and be a significant part of our church community.  We would love for them to live locally, and not only be part of our church, but of our community as well.  Interestingly enough, we actually have a nice apartment on-site that may be used (but in no way required) for this purpose.


We are looking for a worship leader who loves to worship and who desires to continue to foster a worshipful community at our church.  We are growing in the worship expressiveness of our love for Jesus and hope to continue to grow in the vibrancy of our spiritual worship.  Additionally, we are looking for a worship leader who can currently lead both instrumentally and vocally on their own and yet has a plan, strategy, and desire to grow worship teams.   


We currently have a $1000/month salary available for a worship leader.  We do hope that grows.  We can hire someone independently of our youth position, and that person could work another job as they feel led.  If someone has a youth focus, in addition to a music worship gifting, we have more of a full-time salary to offer.


Youth Ministry:


In 2006, our Lead Pastor Jay Cavaiani, before there was ever a church, started a youth non-profit ministry called Campus Way.  In its day, Campus Way had multiple staff and multiple high-school and middle school youth groups meeting in various locations in our area.  We also have led summer and winter retreats for these students and their friends.  Pastor Jay continues to lead Campus Way on a weekly basis.  With the church growing and Pastor Jay's needs growing at the church, the time has come for new youth leadership at Campus Way.  Currently, Campus Way has one meeting location at a special youth space that Campus Way rents at our new complex.  We also are gearing up for our summer camp in June.  Campus Way is a separate non-profit ministry, that although is connected to the church, also is distinct from it.  Our church currently does not have a separate youth ministry but rather is blessed to have Campus Way offer its ministry to the church, which for the church, feels like an offshoot of its own ministry.  We have a strategy to grow the impact of Campus Way.  This ministry in the past has offered a full-time salary to its director.  That full-time salary is tied to the success of directing the ministry and the fundraising efforts of the non-profit.  We currently have $1000/month to offer for a youth director.  With that said, Campus Way (in the past) has been able to offer the director in excess of $50,000 annually.  The vision, strategy, and execution of that strategy will largely impact the salary growth of that position.  Pastor Jay has much experience and guidance to offer in seeking the Lord's Will about a realistic goal for this ministry, both in ministry scope and salary.


So, for a person who fits the needs of both positions we have a $24,000 annual base salary to offer and can help that person to develop a strategy particularly regarding Campus Way in order for that to increase, even in 2018.  We will also be very pleased to hire a youth director independent of a worship director if this is what God's Will is at this time.


We realize that for every position the prospective minister is interviewing us just as we are interviewing them.  We encourage as much as practical for a candidate to visit the church any Sunday to check us out.  We would love to meet you in this way.  If you feel this position may be God's position for you, please send in your information through the Church Staffing link below, and we will be sure to give it serious review. If you are really interested, please visit us at your earliest convenience.  This expression of interest speaks volumes.  When you send in your information, it would be great to get a resume, a note about why your interested, and also a brief testimony.


Blessings to all,

Pastor Jay Cavaiani





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