Associatei of Children's Ministries

First Baptist Church of Universal City
Universal City, Texas, United States

Date Posted: 04/30/2018
Categories: Children's Pastor
Denominations: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

TITLE:  Associate of Children’s Ministries                                                                               




PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: The Associate of Children’s Ministries serves under the direct supervision of the Executive Pastor. He/she will be responsible to the Church to organize and execute a comprehensive program of Christian development and education for children, first through fifth grades.




1.                  Training – The Associate of Children’s Ministries should have a college degree.


2.                  Experience - Familiarity with and experience in a variety of programs for children. Ability to plan, organize, train, and supervise programs and events with leaders. Training or experience in spiritual, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of children is desired.




The Church expects that the Associate of Children’s Ministries will:


1.          Understand his/her job as a calling from God, not hindered by time constraints, and should be committed to

             performing that job to the best of his/her ability.


2.          See his/her job as an opportunity to spread the Gospel of Christ through the performance of the outlined

specific duties and should engage in a personal ministry of witnessing and visitation.


3.                  Be sincerely interested in, and dedicated to, the total program of the Church, not just the areas for which he/she has responsibility.


4.                  Be willing to accept assignments related to the position and make status reports on a regular basis.


5.                  Be a good steward of his/her time, giving the Church priority in terms of time and energy; and will be a practicing tither.


6.         Be able to keep confidences and be loyal to the entire Church staff and Church leaders.


7.         Give quality time to his/her family, with Christ the head of the home.




1.                  Survey the needs and consider realistically the areas of concern to be included in a ministry to children; advise the Executive Pastor of optimal ministry options.


2.                  Develop a comprehensive program of spiritual, educational, physical, and emotional development for children through ministries such as Sunday School, Awana’s, R.A.’s, G.A.’s, Discipleship classes and other opportunities.


3.                  Plan, coordinate, conduct and evaluate ministries and special events such as Off-Campus Vacation Bible School, Fall Family Festival, Children’s Parenting Discipleship classes, Baptismal Counseling, Leadership Appreciation Events, Fellowships, Camps, Retreats, New Christian’s classes, and other opportunities.


4.                  Organize and provide leadership for a children’s outreach ministry through the Sunday School that supports the church-wide outreach ministry.


5.                  Plan and conduct ongoing training opportunities for children’s workers.


6.                  Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by children’s groups in all Church program organizations; formulate and maintain budget for a viable children’s ministry.


7.                  Keep informed of new trends in Christian children’s ministry and seek to enrich all facets of ministry to children.


8.                  Lead in selecting, training and supervising employees of the children’s ministries.


9.                  Lead in the enlistment and training of volunteers who serve in the children’s ministries.


10.              Conduct systematic and periodic safety and cleanliness inspections of all spaces, equipment and personnel associated with the children’s ministry.


11.              Coordinate with the First Baptist Academy Administrator concerning joint children’s ministries and activities.


12.              Insure compliance with Church policies regarding child abuse prevention and infectious diseases.


13.              Perform related duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor.




1.                  The Associate of Children’s Ministries is employed by the church through the Personnel Committee upon recommendation of the Executive Pastor.


2.                  The Associate serves under the supervision of the Executive Pastor who is responsible for job performance evaluations based on this job description.


3.                  The salary is described in the Church budget.


4.                  This is a 40 hours per week, exempt, full-time salaried position. It is expected that the Associate will work on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings, and keep regular office hours as agreed upon with the Executive Pastor. The Associate will have one day off per week in addition to Saturday.


5.                  Holiday, Vacation and leave is prescribed in the policy, “Employee Absence Policy.”


6.                  Dismissal will be through the Personnel Committee upon recommendation of the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor.


7.                  The Associate should give two weeks notice when resigning.


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