Associate Pastor of Youth & Worship

Idyllwild Bible Church
Idyllwild, California, United States

Date Posted: 04/11/2018
Categories: Associate Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 151 to 250
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Job and Personal Qualifications

o Must be a man; married is preferred.

o Must have a clear testimony of a personal faith relationship to Jesus Christ that is born out in his life and is tangibly observed by others.

o Must be able to give testimony of the “call of God” upon his life to assist in leading/shepherding Jesus Christ’s church.

o Must see Eph. 4:11-16 as his pattern for ministry.

o Must be able to describe a strategy of ongoing devotional/spiritual growth.

o A seminary degree is preferred, but not required.


Job Purpose

To assist the Lead Pastor in directing/shepherding the congregation at IBC. To provide primary leadership and oversight of the areas of Music & Worship, including the sanctuary worship environment and A/V; the Youth Ministry; and the LIFE home-group ministry. To assist in other areas as skills and interest allow.


Job Responsibilities--General

  1. To have an ongoing, growing spiritual life that clearly manifests itself in your personal life, your marriage, your family, and your professional life. This is your first and highest ministry priority. Yours must be a life above reproach (1 Tim. 3:2), and one that serves as an example to the flock (1 Peter 5:3).
  2. To have a working understanding of the LIFE Discipleship Process at IBC, so that you can effectively integrate your specific ministry responsibilities into that process.
  3. To work in close association with the Lead Pastor. You will meet regularly with him to discuss the many and varied aspects of church ministry, keeping him informed of your current ministries, ministry plans you may have, and any issues that might have bearing on ministry at IBC.
  4. To keep regular office hours, communicating with the staff when your schedule or needs change.
  5. To be responsible for managing the annual worship and youth budgets.
  6. To be prepared for your ministry responsibilities to change as new needs present themselves or old ministries are retired. You will be required to flex as the ministry landscape changes over time.

Worship related job responsibilities

  1. To lead and direct the music and worship aspects of Sunday services. This will be coordinated in conjunction with the Lead Pastor and include service orders, A/V elements, music team(s), and A/V team(s). As needed, you will also bring this leadership to other events and services that are part of IBC’s larger ministry.
  2. To lead worship in a way that first and foremost honors Christ, incorporating a meaningful blend of both traditional and contemporary worship music and other elements that will edify a blended, multi-generational congregation.
  3. To enlarge through regular teaching and modeling in the corporate worship setting, what makes truly God-honoring worship, God-honoring.
  4. To introduce new music (traditional and contemporary) with some frequency as a means of promoting freshness and broadening the congregation’s music awareness.
  5. To oversee the service schedule for music and A/V teams.
  6. To raise up and train a competent volunteer base for the music and A/V teams. Recruitment of new talent and resources will be ongoing.
  7. To maintain sanctuary décor, appearance, and A/V equipment so as to create an environment that remains fresh, and conducive to the worship experience.

Youth ministry job responsibilities

  1. To provide leadership and direction of IBC’s ministry to Middle School and High School students (6th-12th grade).
  2. To teach by word and example the truth of the Word of God in ways that are engaging and practical for today’s teen.
  3. To consistently reinforce the understanding within the parents that the spiritual training of their teens is their responsibility before the Lord, and that you are there to assist them in their role, not replace them or do their role for them.
  4. To effectively promote the LIFE Disciple-making Process to IBC’s youth:
  • Regular involvement in Sunday morning adult worship
  • Mid-week LIFE Group participation
  • Finding a place to serve within the Body of Christ at IBC
  • Cultivation of a heart for the unsaved
  1. To recruit, train, and oversee the volunteer staff that assists you with youth ministry and youth LIFE Groups.
  2. To maintain regular communication with parents.
  3. To be available to provide counsel and/or referral assistance to both youth and their parents if needed.
  4. To obtain/maintain a class B license to drive the church van.
  5. To provide oversight for Summer Camp and fundraising activities.


LIFE Group Ministry

  1. To provide oversight for weekly LIFE Group ministries at IBC.
  2. Weekly communication with LIFE Group leaders.
  3. Maintain resources list of curriculum options (updated and approved yearly by the Elder Team).
  4. To recruit and oversee volunteer leaders.
  5. To promote LIFE Group ministries within the greater body of IBC.



The following are other skills that are desirable but not required:


Church Website

To oversee a quality web site for IBC that attractively and effectively communicates the ministry of the church to internet users.

Message Audio

To oversee the office staff in keeping the weekly message audio updated and current on CD and on the website.


To oversee IBC’s office equipment and technologies. This does not mean that you are the technical person who fixes problems, but you will know who to contact if need arises, and see that the problems are corrected.



Accountable to the Elder Team with direct accountability to the Lead Pastor


Compensation/Benefits (Compensation and benefits are reviewed annually.)

  • $45-$55k per year salary (based on experience/education).
  • A fixed amount for medical insurance for the employee/dependents above salary.
  • Vacation and Holidays are in accordance with church policy for full-time staff.
  • Housing allowance verification supplied by the Elder Team if requested.
  • Book Allowance and Education & Conference allowance are determined annually.
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