Interim Executive Minister

Whitewater Crossing Christian Church
Cleves, Ohio, United States

Date Posted: 05/01/2018
Categories: Interim Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 2001 to 2500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Purpose of the Job

The Interim Executive Minister is responsible for

• Ensure leadership and vision casting for assigned ministries: including spiritual formation; ministry health; metrics; volunteer pipeline; leadership development; etc. (will not include Finances, Operations and Human Resources)

• Ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the church through leadership and oversight of the ministry staff and volunteers performing duties in ministry environments; end-to-end ministry systems (F1, Planning center, Rock, etc.) & processes (next steps, volunteer pipeline, etc.); overall ministry health; effective coordination across ministries; etc.

• Provide administrative management for assigned individuals working in unassigned ministries (matrix management). This includes documenting clear performance expectations, performance evaluations, providing coaching, etc.


Essential Job Responsibilities

Oversee Ministry Operations:

• Lead in the research, development, presentation and approval of the annual ministry plan.

• Oversee ongoing ministry operation and ensure that regular mission effectiveness reports are provided to staff and elders.

• Ensure that regular operational reports are provided to staff and Supervisor.

• Provide direct supervision to the assigned Ministers, Directors, and volunteer ministry leaders.

• Lead in the development of all ministry staff and volunteer leaders.

• Ensure ministry staff adheres to church policies.

• Oversee ministry issues.

• Propose and implement new programs needed regarding church ministry (i.e., outreach, spiritual formation, etc.).

• Assist the Senior Minister in establishing preaching, vision casting, and fund raising according to WCCC’s priorities. 

• Assist the Executive Minister with budget development & tracking; strategic planning; hiring; etc..

Oversee Assigned Ministries:

• Leads, mentors, and resources the Ministers and Directors leading the assigned ministries with the WCCC vision, mission, and values in mind.

Family Ministry:

• Cast vision for the family to thrive through parent participation in the spiritual formation of their children. Preparing families to defend their faith in an increasingly hostile culture.

• Family Ministry includes: Young Adults, Harbortown and Students.


• Cast vision for the congregation to live in community and continue spiritual formation through participation in groups.

• Groups Ministry includes: Community Groups, Bible Studies, etc.


• Cast vision for a weekend worship environment for an inter-generational church, focused on attracting Jack Cooper.

• Worship Ministry includes: CPT, band, vocals, AVL, rebroadcast, etc..

Spiritual Formation:

• Cast vision for ministries that encourage and support the spiritual formation of the congregation.

• Spiritual Formation includes: monitoring the health and improvement plans of all ministries.


• Cast vision for reaching the country and world, as sponsored by WCCC.

• Missions include: Boston, Haiti, Mexico, and Sri Lanka.

Outward Focus / Solve 7:

• Cast vision for reaching the unchurched in our community and region, including solving life’s problems with the end goal of connecting others with Jesus.

• Outward Focus includes: monitoring the outward focus health and improvement plans of all environments & ministries.

• Solve 7 includes: the ministries and partnerships to address the 7 areas (Find the lost, Feed the hungry, Clothe the Poor, House the homeless, Teach the uneducated, Rescue the slaves, Heal the sick).


• Cast vision for WCCC for communications strategy & execution to an intergenerational church, focused on attracting Jack Cooper.

• Communications include: bulletin; Viewbook; social media; DfD; video storytelling; WCCC website & applications; etc


Job Skills

• Leadership: Motivate, coordinate and collaborate with staff and volunteer teams.

• Communication: Regularly communicate with staff, and work with ministry leaders to make sure the job gets done with excellence in a timely and cooperative manner. Being able to clearly explain what needs to be done will be necessary.

• Interpersonal: Utilizing soft skills to interact effectively with coworkers and customers, and build relational equity.

• Technical: Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within all relevant fields.


Other Requirements

• Minimum 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area

• Proven supervisory and team-building experience

• Work weekends and evenings when needed

• Valid Driver’s License

• Acceptable Background Check

• Whitewater Crossing Member

• Continue to develop personal character, competence and team chemistry as a Christ-like leader

• Other duties as assigned


Desired Spiritual Gifts

• Leadership

• Service/Helps



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