Central Assembly of God

School Principal/ Administrator

Central Assembly of God
Cumberland, Maryland, United States

Date Posted: 03/05/2018
Categories: Christian Education
Denominations: Assemblies of God
Church Size: 351 to 500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


    Principal/AdministratorLighthouse Christian AcademyCentral Assembly of God Cumberland, Maryland, United States

    Job Description:

    The Principal/Administrator will be the spiritual and academic leader of Lighthouse Christian Academy.  He/she will provide the direction and leadership necessary to administer and supervise all programs, policies and activities of Lighthouse Christian Academy to ensure high quality, Christian, educational experiences and services for the students in a safe and enriching environment.  He/she must be a committed, mature follower of Jesus, while serving a multi-denominational student body.


    Spiritual Leadership

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Profess Christ as Lord and submit to his lordship.

    • Maintain a consistent practice of spiritual disciplines including prayer, study, worship, church attendance, etc.

    • Have a conviction that God has called him/her to Christian school administration.

    • Maintain high levels of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all personal and professional matters.

    • Ensure that the campus work environment is Christian-based, nurturing, wholesome, and loving.

    • Lead the staff, students, and school families into a deeper spiritual commitment by example and teaching.

    • Be responsible for developing and maintaining a culture that represents an excited and unified team for Christ where each staff and faculty member serves in love and support for one another.


    Required Professional Experience

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution.

    • Have a minimum of two years of successful administration experience, preferably in a Christian school.

    • Demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy, having a basic proficiency in word processing, creating and using a spreadsheet, e-mailing, and accessing the internet.


    Required Personal Qualities

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Be an enthusiastic visionary, an encourager, and a self-starter with a high energy level.

    • Demonstrate sensitivity toward staff, parents, volunteers, and children, and an ability to interact effectively with them.

    • Meet everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.

    • Understand the importance of discernment, discretion, and confidentiality in the operation of the school.

    • Display friendliness and a good sense of humor.

    • Display courtesy and patience in dealing with others.

    • Defend principles and conviction in the face of pressure and partisan influence.

    • Be open to new ideas, initiatives, and concepts in education.


    Academic Leadership

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Administrate the daily operations of LCA.

    • Have knowledge of the school’s curriculum, standards, and mission.

    • Organize and provide leadership to reevaluate textbooks every five years, or, as deemed appropriate.

    • Monitor the certification and licensure status of the teachers.

    • Ensure that school classrooms reflect a professional and Christian environment.

    • Coordinate the annual school testing programs. Help interpret test result data to staff and parents.

    • Lead the school staff in continuous professional development through such activities as new staff orientation, in-service opportunities, continuing education, and teaching demonstrations and training.

    • Attend one ACTS sponsored conference each year in order to maintain membership and accreditation (as applicable).

    • Evaluate employees using formal and informal evaluation, and hold evaluation conferences for staff members.

    • Administer policy for classification, promotion, or retention of students in the school program.

    • Coordinate and supervise the parent-teacher conferences.

    • Ensure that sound educational and academic goals are set.

    • Match new staff members with mentors and work closely with them to guide them to success.


    Administrative Leadership

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Enforce all policies as adopted by the Lead Pastor and Board of Deacons of Central Assembly of God.

    • Provide the school environment with appropriate rules, structure, and procedures in which staff, students, and volunteers can function efficiently, effectively, and productively.

    • Be responsible for hiring, supervising, terminating, placing on leave, and adjusting the work hours of school personnel according to current policies and by recommendations by the LCA Board and approved by the Board of Deacons of Central Assembly of God.

    • Be available to communicate and meet with prospective new students and their families and oversee the process of adding new students and families to Lighthouse Christian Academy.

    • Be the Chairperson of the LCA Board.

    • Provide leadership in planning the master schedule.

    • Provide oversight and leadership for monthly staff meetings.

    • Ensure that the school is well-equipped and well-supplied with teaching materials, supplies, and resources as finances allow.

    • Ensure that the school staff communicates with parents consistently and expediently.

    • Be available to assist the teachers in matters relating to student needs and problems.

    • Oversee and maintain positive discipline while ensuring that discipline is consistently maintained within biblical guidelines.

    • Maintain a physical presence with the students by attending and, when possible, participating in school chapels, assemblies, athletic events, and other presentations.

    • Provide for the appropriate delegation of responsibilities and authority within the school.

    • Involve the parents in prayer, volunteerism, input and decision-making as appropriate.

    • Arrange for substitute teachers when needed.

    • Plan and organize all phases of Graduation, Parent Orientations, open house, etc.

    • Ensure that all records—business, personnel, and student—are adequate, accurate, and administered legally.

    • Conduct required emergency safety drills.

    • Attend weekly staff meetings with Central Assembly of God staff for coordinating ministry needs.

    • Anything additional as may be required by the Lead Pastor of Central Assembly of God.


    Business and Finances

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Possess an awareness and understanding of basic business and financial concepts, and be able to use these concepts to meet the needs of the school.

    • Be responsible for overseeing the financial management of the school, including: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and in assisting in the development of the school budget.

    • Create and manage the school budget as recommended by the LCA Board and approved by the Board of Deacons of Central Assembly of God.

    • Approve requests for purchases by the faculty and staff.

    • Prepare a yearly tuition rate comparison analysis and make recommendations to the Board regarding the possible adjustment of tuition and fees.


    Facilities Management

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Ensure that the appropriate safety measures are in place on campus to provide a reasonably safe school environment.

    • Determine when school is to be closed, or delayed opening due to adverse weather conditions or emergencies.

    • Report maintenance needs of the school facility, classrooms and grounds to the church maintenance staff.

    • Be responsible for the overall safety conditions of the facility for the students and staff.

    • Oversee general janitorial duties as related to the school.


    Institutional Advancement

    It is expected that the Principal/Administrator will…

    • Act as the school’s chief public relations spokesperson representing the school and church in the community in a professional manner.

    • Develop and maintain a good public relations program with school family, local church ministries, and the general public. Look for opportunities to promote the school in churches and mission committees and all community organizations.

    • Oversee the planning of long- and short-term fundraising endeavors.

    • Foster good relationships with all churches in the community.

    • Build relationships with donors and prospective donors.

    • Greet parents and students at the beginning of each day and oversee communications (i.e. monthly newsletter, flyers, and notices).

    • Communicate with parents as to create a cooperative relationship supporting the students.

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