First Union Congregational Church of Quincy Illinois

Senior Minister

First Union Congregational Church of Quincy Illinois
Quincy, Illinois, United States

Date Posted: 02/26/2018
Categories: Senior Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 151 to 250
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:
Position Available: Senior Minister

Starting as soon as July 2018 


First Union Congregational Church - Quincy, Illinois 62301 -


First Union is an independent, vibrant, motivated church family which is eager to build on our recent spiritual resurgence. This Bible-believing, Christ-centered church desires to keep in step with the Spirit and continue to make an impact for Christ in our community.


Position Description:

The Senior Minister serves as the Spiritual Leader and Chief Administrative Officer of the Church, who reports to the Official Board, and supervises a staff consisting of: a full-time Associate Pastor (who oversees the youth ministry, the young adult ministry, and worship coordination), a part-time Pastor for Spiritual Care (who assists with worship services and care for senior adults), a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry, an Administrative Assistant, Custodian, Choir Director, Organist and Hand Bell Choir Director.


Recent History and Current Developments:

Our current Senior Minister will be leaving during the summer of 2018 to plant a new church in New York City. Over the past several years, God has initiated a revival in our congregation and we are excited to build on this momentum. Our Sunday morning attendance has trended upward in recent years and currently is 160 – 175 adults and children. The average age of our church has also grown younger in recent years with many young families becoming a part of our congregation. Our annual operating budget is $345,000 and our annual giving has fully supported this budget for the past two years. We have a beautiful and well-maintained facility and have spent $300,000 over the past two years in improvements to our education wing. We currently maintain $1.4 million in endowment funds.


History and Governance:

Founded in 1830, by four Presbyterians, three Baptists, four Congregationalists and four non-denominational Christians, First Union is the oldest established church in Quincy. We keep the “Congregational” designation in our name because it expresses our operational structure as an “independent Christian congregation.” Our Official Board and Officers are elected by the church membership. We own our property, set our annual budgets, hire our staff and independently establish our constitution, by-laws, mission and annual goals.


Community Setting:

Quincy is a community of 50,000 people located in west-central Illinois. It is the largest city between Peoria, IL and St. Louis, MO, and between Springfield, IL and Kansas City, MO. Over the course of its long history as a German-Irish immigrant community, it has become notably self-sufficient. Quincy is highly regarded as a regional health center. Residents enjoy award-winning athletics, a highly acclaimed Symphony Orchestra, strong public and private schools, a fine junior college and private university. An annual spring dogwood festival highlights the community’s natural beauty and homes of architectural significance.The community’s economic base is supported by its strong retail, financial, manufacturing and health care sectors.


Current Mission and Goals:

  Encourage the spiritual growth of each member

  Reach out to new potential members, particularly young adults and young families

  Continue building a vibrant, revitalized, loving and supportive Community of Faith.

Recent Self-evaluation Comments from Our Members: 

- We have transformed from a reserved, formal atmosphere to a warm, genuine, caring church family where people immediately      feel welcome and accepted.

- We love our worship experience, which blends contemporary and traditional music led by a gifted band and wonderful choir.

- Our new Stephen Ministry program is designed to lessen the burden on the Senior Minister and to encourage the congregation      to care for those hurting in our church and broader community.

- We engage Scripture with humility, searching scripture for understanding and guidance.

- We have become a praying church.

- We are committed to all generations, teaching and demonstrating Jesus to youth, helping young families cultivate life centered      on Jesus, and encouraging older adults to continue to grow in faith and serve others.

- In the past year our Youth Program has grown from four kids to forty-five kids.
- Our members have a practical, servant attitude and consistently volunteer to lead or help with church activities.

- We regularly demonstrate our commitment to Quincy and annually hold a Community Leader Recognition service where we          pray for our community leaders.

- We have numerous opportunities to cultivate Christian community in small groups – men’s and women’s bible studies, prayer        groups, dinner groups, young adult gatherings, youth and children’s programs, vacation bible school, even a softball team.

- We stand amazed and inspired by what the Holy Spirit has done in our midst in answer to our fervent prayers to revitalize our        family of faith.


Required Credentials for Senior Minister:

The Senior Minister shall be ordained and have a graduate ministerial degree from a seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.


Theological Position:

As an independent Christian church, our primary commitments are to Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible as expressed in our church covenant:


         "We promise God and one another to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Holy Bible."

Our Senior Minister will unconditionally accept, and advocate, the statements of faith expressed in the Apostle’s Creed. We regard these fundamental statements of Christian faith as “Essentials” from which we will not deviate.


We recognize that sharing common essentials of faith leaves room for various points of view on “non- essential” elements, such as the mode of baptism or positions on the practice of communion. As we focus on the essentials that unite us as Christians, we also offer freedom to one another to differ on nonessential beliefs and practices.


Performance Expectations:

We expect our pastors to be exemplary disciples of Jesus, who know God’s Word and are filled with His Spirit. Our professional staff need not have a background in Congregationalism, but they will be knowledgeable of its history, polity and theology.


Our church pursues its stated objectives aggressively and we expect our Senior Minister to lead the effort with innovation, passion and professional skill.


The following references express our pastoral expectations: 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5, Titus 1:5-9.


We expect our Senior Minister to have well-developed views on matters of doctrine and scriptural interpretation and to teach these positions with conviction. While we expect scriptural scholarship, we also expect ministerial humility in respecting those who may hold informed but differing positions or be in process of arriving at their own views.


Contact Information:

If you have an interest in applying for our Senior Minister position as described above, please email your resume along with a cover letter explaining your interest and why you believe you would be a good fit for our congregation.


Please email your response at your earliest convenience to:


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First Union Congregational Search Committee


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