Children's Director

San Francisco, California, United States

Date Posted: 06/11/2018
Categories: Children's Ministry
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1501 to 2000
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Children’s Pastor Position

Cornerstone Church of San Francisco




  • Be fully responsible in overseeing all aspects of the children's ministry.  Main program presently offers age appropriate children's classes during each of the weekend services at both locations, from infant to 6th grade children.  Presently divided into: Nursery (infant to 29 months), Toddlers (2.5 to 3 yr olds), Praise Kids (4 & 5 yr olds), and Treehouse (6 yr old to 6th grade).
  • Determine and guide the use of the Orange curriculum and lesson plan for all ages groups & classes, at both locations.
  • Recruit, care for, and schedule all volunteers in each of the classes, for all service at both locations.  Administer background checks and fingerprinting (state & national) for ALL volunteers.  Use Planning Center to schedule volunteers.  It is integral for the children's pastor to be involved, available and ministering to the volunteers as they are the bulk of the man-power for ministering to the children.    
  • Understand and align with the main vision of the church, and align with the communication pattern and guidelines, in both print, web and email to parents, etc. (document available).
  • Plan and execute non-weekend programs and activities.  Presently, this involves annual Child Dedications (several times a year, coordinating with the pastoral staff), summer camp, monthly All Stars activity night (for 3rd-6th grade) This is a minimal list at this point, but these activities/events will enhance children's program.
  • Oversee and implement (with help of IT), the children's check-in applications, check-in stations in each room, video surveillance systems, and needed copying systems.  There will be ample technical support for these tasks.
  • Familiar with use of check-in systems and databases.  Presently, we utilize ACS as our church's member database, and children's check-in system.  We are transitioning to Planning Center for our check-in system for children.


Candidate Profile:


  • Solid, Bible-centered values… Cornerstone can be considered a conservative, Bible adhering church.
  • Someone who appreciates the environment that Cornerstone is in SF - in the middle of Mission District, in the hipster, tech-oriented environment.
  • This person has to LOVE and would want to minister to kids, parents and volunteers,… not necessarily being the lead teacher every Sunday, but clearly the leader in the children's ministry.
  • Need to be a clear communicator, and in the similar manner of Cornerstone.
  • Need to be able to be high-capacity for ministry as it is very challenging to have an outreach, evangelical church in an urban environment; particularly one like SF where it is considered hostile to Christianity.  Need to be able to handle multiple projects in the context of Cornerstone's outreach programs.
  • Truly understands spiritual authority, to be in alignment with leadership, and to be fully accountable.


Candidate Requirements:


  • Adhere to Biblical principles of Christianity (as outlined on Cornerstone website for statement of beliefs), and fully support as well as be able to communicate the evangelical principles, in the context of a cynical culture.
  • Experience of being in a children’s ministry that has multiple campuses
  • At least 3 years of children's ministry experience.
  • Bachelor's degree from accredited college/university.
  • Ordained or willing to be ordained.
  • Need to understand that SF is a missionary field, and that it is not a "comfortable, suburban" children's ministry.  Cornerstone is an "urban, seeker model" church… given our diversity.


Church History:


Pastor Terry started leading the church in ~1988, and had a strong vision to utilize the arts to best reach unchurched people of San Francisco.  When he started, there were less than 100 people, but presently Cornerstone attendance averages ~1,500 over 5 service at both locations.



Leadership Structure:


  • As a non-denominational church, Cornerstone is staff led.  Pastor Terry is the Lead Pastor, and there is an executive team of pastoral staff members that make most of the key decisions.  
  • There is a board of directors, which govern more as a board of trustees, in whose name the property is in, etc. 





  • The Cornerstone Church community is a very vibrant and eclectic community.  We are a very diverse community in the heart of San Francisco.  We are not necessarily a neighborhood church; just over half of our church comes from SF proper, and ~40% come from the peninsula, East Bay and North Bay communities.  We are generally a younger crowd, a median age of ~35
  • Because we are an outreach church, it may be challenging initially to get to know many people; many people attend our weekend services and there isn't too much time to "mingle" on the weekends (nor do we have the facilities for this… a drawback, but we are trying to address this).  This is partly by design!!  As an outreach church, many people have said that they benefited from being able to attend and partake without too much pressure of getting involved
  • The Cornerstone staff is an amazing team of dedicated, passionate professionals who love the Lord.  You will be amazed at the level of talent God has blessed us with, particularly in the creative arts arenas (much of this can be seen on our website).  We are also a fairly strong organization, with a strong work ethic… which can be something to consider for some candidates


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