Grace Church

Youth Pastor

Grace Church
Mahomet, Illinois, United States

Date Posted: 01/25/2018
Categories: Youth Pastor
Denominations: Baptist
Church Size: 351 to 500
Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Reports to: Family Life Pastor


Job Type: Full Time with medical and dental for family. 


Education: BA from accredited college with a degree in a related field.


Experience: We value experience, so having previous roles as a YP, Director, or Intern will be taken into consideration.  That said, we know people have to start somewhere.  Thus, we also highly value work ethic, passion and commitment. 


Description: GSM Youth Pastor oversee Junior High under the leadership and vision of the FLP.  Our YP will be mentored and unleashed to own GSM Junior and Senior High within 18 months. 


Team Culture: Awesome. :-)  Family atmosphere with a team approach and both our senior pastor and family life pastor have long haul experience in youth ministry.  Ability to work hard and play hard is important.  Also, if you like coffee and are willing to play darts,a good game of "horse" or golf and/or pretty much anything else that promotes community, competition and laughter then you may be applying to the right place!  We take God very serious, but ourselves... not so much. :-)  That said, we have been blessed with solid growth over the past few years and are confident that our YP is essential to us maintaining our mission and vision. 

Breakdown: Hours are estimates, as workload in specific areas will change from week to week depending on season and ministry goals and/or events.  In other words, these are estimates and not law.

  • Relationships (12-19 hours)
  • Administration/Planning (5-12 hours)
  • Church Activities (9-15 hours)

If you want more details just let us know. 

Overall Purpose: Work with and for the FLP to create an intentional and holistic ministry for Jr. and Sr. High Students.   Our new Youth Pastor will thrive within an atmosphere of autonomy and accountability which in turn increases our ability to encounter, encourage, enfold and educate students at various ages and stages. 



  • Administration & planning: Be good at planning of normal operations and trips as well as help oversee “day to day” admin/operations needs.  This can include set up, maintaining games, snack bar, etc.  As well as helping with trips and events both on and off campusThis also means paying attention to details.  We value relationships over details, so if you're more relational, then write things down, empower lay leaders who are detail gifted, etc. 
  • Communication/Accountability: Develop a consistent plan and system for regularly communicating with FLP.  Overall, this position is designed to help GSM run smoothly as to effectively create a Christ-centered student culture that loves God, loves people, reaches the lost and makes disciples. 
  • Relationships: Must be a relational person with the ability to disciple students and yet work with adult leaders. 
  • Teaching: Will be the main Wed. night teacher and help teach on Sunday nights as assigned by the FLP. 
  • Counseling: As needed, must have the ability to meet privately with students and/or their parents to assist with family/student issues or address situations at GSM.  Must also clearly communicate any appointments with FLP.


  1. Will own GSM Junior High and assist on Sunday nights.
  2. Will work with FLP to guard the vision of GSM and coordinate/oversee GSM events and/or duties as assigned by FLP.
  3. Will help build, oversee and help train a competent and committed team of leaders and workers to assist in student ministries.
  4. Align with Grace’s statement of faith, leadership model and fully support the mission and core competencies. 
  5. Will have a regular and consistent personal Bible study and prayer time apart from lesson or activity planning and model a Chrsitian life. 
  6. Will regularly attend and eagerly participate in GSM services and Sunday Morning Worship Services.
  7. Will be active in shepherding students through discipleship and evangelism. 
  8. Servant leader who loves big and jumps into to all situations for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. 

Grace is located in Mahomet, Illinois:  Mahomet is a wonderful family focused community with excellent schools.  The current population of Mahomet is about 9k and growing.  We are a bedroom community to major Universities and areas of commerce.  This is a family centric community and a great place to do youth minstry. 


Vision: Build a community to reach a community.


Mission: Love God, Love People, Reach the Lost, and Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. 


Affiliation: CB North Central


Ecclesia Model: Elder Led.


Candidates please include the following:

  • Resume
  • Testimony
  • References
  • Picture (Entire family and/or spouse as applicable.)
  • Any audio or video sermons (Video strongly preferred)

Feel free to add questions you may have about the position and/or our view on various aspects of theology or ministry.  (This is appropriate before officially applying as well.)


If you are still reading this then may we add that you should be passonate about youth ministry and reiterate that you should love a team atmosphere, having fun, laughing, eating peanut M&M's according to amount and colors and appreciate digging wells with our team and students, and apprecaite good BBQ.

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