Faith Church

Martinsville, Indiana - United States

Denomination: Missionary Church
Church Size: 251 to 350
Phone: 765-346-1592
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Faith Church
Faith Church is a growing Jesus community (of about 270-300 people) committed to missionally impacting and transforming our community and world with the love of Jesus. We are looking for a passionate man or woman who lives a lifestyle of worship. The ideal candidate will be able to effectively minister to 16-29 year olds, as well as children and adults of older generations. We are seeking a staff member who demonstrates creativity and energy, as well as wisdom and maturity. Faith Church is located in Martinsville (pop. 15-18,000), Indiana, a bedroom community of Indianapolis. We have access to world class sporting events, arts and culture within 30 minutes in both Indianapolis and Bloomington. Martinsville is a family-values community and is pursuing various progressive paths to advance our quality of life in industry, education and culture.