Destiny Church

Fort Worth, Texas - United States

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Destiny Church
MISSION: Developing People Toward Their Divine Destiny! Romans 8:28-30 VISION: To help people find their God-given destiny, and encourage and equip them to live it out to the fullest! 1.Where life transformation is the norm, rather than the exception. 2.Where every believer is connected to a small group of other believers through authentic relationshipsgrowing together in Christ. 3.Where the Good News of Jesus Christ is radically spread throughout the community and the world. 4.Where families are prized as the model Christ intended them to be. 5.Where men & women are able to fulfill their purpose and make an eternal impact for the kingdom of God. 6.Where Christian singles are equipped to glorify God and maximize their privileged state in Christ. 7.Where every believer is pursuing a passionate and prayer-filled love relationship with the Creator of the universe-one that engages their heads, hearts, and hands. 8.Where real people can find real answers to addressreal issues. 9.Where acceptance is the standard; people are not judged by their circumstances, but by the wholeness of their identity in Christ. 10.Where the Bible is highly regarded, explained, illustrated, and applied to all dimensions of believers’ lives. 11.Where believers are free to worship God in a dynamic and authentic manner. 12.Where members are characterized by the intentional and selfless giving of their time, talents, and treasures. 13.Where believers are mobilized for local, national, and international service. 14.Where there is intricate involvement in primary and secondary education. 15.Where members can rely on, respect, and follow Spiritual Leadership.