CrossPoint Community Church

Gadsden, Alabama - United States

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Phone: 256-546-9236
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CrossPoint Community Church
CrossPoint was born in March 2000 and is a church built for today. It is a church that knows that we live in a changing world, a dying world that is desperate for answers. A church where families can come and grow-where children feel safe and loved, where friendships are nurtured and flourish. A church where the preaching is practical, where a person can hear a sermon today, and see its application in his life tomorrow. A church where celebration is the order of the day, where praise is systemic, and worship a passion. A church where people can feel safe-where they can start over no matter what their past, where they are loved unconditionally. And a church that is fun where the joy that is in us, bubbles up like a spring, where our excitement just cannot be contained.