Christian Assembly

Richmond Heights, Ohio - United States

Denomination: Pentecostal
Church Size: 101 to 150
Phone: 216-261-4214
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Christian Assembly
Christian Assembly is almost identical in beliefs to Assemblies of God. We are in an eastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The Church was started in 1924. We are a very diverse congregation in racial and ethnic background and would probably be best described as blue collar in economic / employment terms. We have always been strong in fellowship, community outreach, missions and support of our Church families. Our annual budget is approximately $500,000. Our facilities include sanctuary building, attached classroom building, that currently houses a school for K thru 6th grades, and an all purpose room / gym. There are 2 kitchens in the building. There is also a house on the main campus. We also own an additional 9 acres with 2 houses across the street from the main campus. All property is debt free.