New Testament Baptist Church

Norton, Massachusetts - United States

Denomination: Baptist
Church Size: 151 to 250
Phone: 508-285-9772
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New Testament Baptist Church
New Testament Baptist Church is seeking our next Lead Pastor who will shepherd our 42 year old church with a Sunday morning attendance of 150-175. We are seeking the man God has prepared to lead us in the direction we believe the Lord has revealed. We are trusting God to guide our search to a man who is both seasoned in pastoral practice and spiritually discerning in guiding a body of believers with respect to the core mission of making disciples. The next Lead Pastor will have demonstrated the ability to grow a church into a vibrant body of believers filled with people who represent all age groups including young families and singles. Additionally, the church is in a season of healing as a result of recent church conflicts and needs to be less inwardly focused. The pastor will share our strong vision for reaching the lost in our surrounding communities, and will have demonstrated that passion and ability (Acts 1:8). Personal integrity and a passion for abiding in Christ as seen through his devotion to prayer and God’s Word are key requirements. Our next pastor will exhibit godly character as described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He will model humility, authenticity, and submission to God and one another. Our next Lead Pastor will be a gifted preacher and teacher who diligently studies the Scriptures and presents God’s truth in an accurate, relevant, and applicable way which will penetrate our hearts and minds and move us toward spiritual maturity. He will be a proven, discerning leader who is able to continue our transition from a smaller, pastor-led, deacon board church to an Elder led, staff driven, lay mobilized ministry structure. He needs to be a team-focused leader who has significant experience training, mentoring, discipling, and equipping leadership and ministry teams. He also will have demonstrated his ability to surround himself with other leaders whose gifts compliment his own, and his willingness to be held accountable to them. He should be a man who has the leadership ability to face and manage conflict well. Finally, our next pastor must be an evangelical man who feels God’s direct call to minister in New England with its unique personality and heritage that makes it an exciting but challenging mission field. A degree from an evangelical seminary and experience in a large church is preferred.