Victory International Fellowship

Brookfield, Wisconsin - United States

Denomination: Assemblies of God
Church Size: 351 to 500
Phone: (262)783-2900
Email: Contact Us
Victory International Fellowship
Here at Victory we have an extremely friendly and generous congregation of 450-500. We have several well trained and talented vocalists and instrumentalists that comprise full rhythm sections, flute, violins and a small brass section. What we need is a dynamic Kennaniah type leader; Male, Vocalist (Baritone – Tenor) who plays Piano or Guitar Late 20's to mid 30's ideal. Younger/older is ok. Married ideal. Single is ok. We've got women. 5 top strengths appropriate to the position as confirmed by Clifton Strength Finders survey. Calm and Confident but not Cocky Experienced but Teachable a Leader who can lead others while following a leader Absolutely trusts God Sensitive to The Spirit but not flighty, flakey or hyper spiritual. Passionate but pragmatic and practical in approach to life and ministry A calming presence that captures the room that others miss if it isn’t there Able to see the whole picture and inspire all ages, because everyone matters Able to blend the vertical with the horizontal Able to span a little traditional with contemporary (Lincoln Brewster) Able to target the 30-60 something age range (teens and twenties are important too but twenties are transient years) Able to lead an entire worship service by yourself without power points or electricity Able to model and mentor music ministry, desires to develop others Able to remember that we have an audience of one in room of 500 Able to get others to realize that too Able to organize sets of song in progression of keys, themes and segues and able to schedule multiple musicians in rotation Believes words like faith and funk and holiness and harmony go together Is far sighted, thick skin and soft hands (if you have those you understand what I mean) Has a good sense of humor (absolutely necessary to work with me) Salary starts at $35-40k. If you’re interested check out our web sight; then send your resume to Blessings in Christ Rory Grooters -Lead Pastor