Townville Baptist Church

Townville, Pennsylvania - United States

Denomination: Baptist -- American
Church Size: 50 to 100
Phone: 814-967-3732
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Townville Baptist Church
We are a rural / small town, conservative church with an average Sunday morning worship service of 90 mixed generational believers. We have two active youth ministries involving 65 youth / children. We have six adult Sunday school classes. A new fellowship hall was constructed two years ago. We are located in north-west PA, 40 miles south of Erie. We are seeking a mature candidate to serve as a full time solo pastor. We desire a pastor to preach relevant Bible based truth in a manner that will engage the congregation, and not bore newcomers. This includes the ability to break down and teach sometimes difficult material so it can be understood and applied to daily living. The candidate should be able to research the original Greek / Hebrew text to discern meaning, intent, and cultural relevance. Candidate should love people, and provide a caring presence during times of crisis and transitions, as well as participate in the more routine aspects of the lives of the congregational members. We seek a candidate that can discern the moving of God, and help provide a vision or direction for the local church; then be the leadership to make the vision a reality. A healthy church should be a growing church. We seek a candidate who will enable our church to reach out to those in our community, and enlarge the church's membership by drawing the lost to Jesus Christ. We want a pastor who is able to offer basic God honoring counsel in all areas of life; or be able to refer to someone who can. We seek a pastor who will visit members, the sick and hospitalized, newcomers, families of attending children and youth; and be a visible presence in the community. The pastor is expected to attend and offer input at all meetings of the deaconate, and other boards as needed. The pastor is expected to be available as needed for children and youth activities, but is not expected to run these programs. The church has good lay leaders, but is seeking someone of God's leading to provide spiritual vision, leadership, and pastoral care. A church profile providing a better overview of the church and its requirements for a pastor is available after a successful initial phone interview.