All Souls, Boulder

Boulder, Colorado - United States

Denomination: Reformed
Church Size: 101 to 150
Phone: 3036694829
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All Souls, Boulder
All Souls began in 2005 as a project to reach Boulder in a real and different way. Our goal from the beginning has been to lovingly and authentically engage seekers and believers with a Gospel-centered theology. We sing hymns re-arranged into an American roots/folk rock style and our liturgy draws from the rich and varied history of Christian worship. Weekly communion is the focal point of our service, although the lengthy passing of the peace is indicative of how much we enjoy fellowship. All Souls is a well-established church plant under the Reformed Church of America with a weekly attendance of 100-120. Our demographic is typical of that of Boulder, with many involved in science or the arts. The congregation is made up of many young professionals, and graduate students; with a growing number of married couples and families. Because of the transient nature of Boulder, All Souls is continually a sending church as people cycle through joining, growing, and going forth. Traditionally, All Souls has reached our city through coffee shop conversations, parties, and engaging in the culture of our city. We desire to grow into a church that is more effective and intentional in bringing seekers to Christ. Many of us, for the first time, are excited to bring non-believers and seekers to church knowing they will feel welcome. Our church is full of accepting people who are well aware of their brokenness in light of Christ’s mercy. All Souls has embraced six core values, and as a body we try to reflect them in all our endeavors. All Souls is an intersection of Christ, Community, and City and we seek to express that through our core values of Truth, Authenticity, Worship, Community, Beauty, and Mercy. We long for our city to know Christ, his redeeming love, and through him to experience these core values in a way that can only be made complete in the full light of the Gospel. We desire to be a place where people of all walks can come, encounter the Gospel, process and ask questions, and feel accepted. The result is a relevant body of believers seeking Christ together.