Heaven Help Us Ministries

Carson city, Nevada - United States

Denomination: Pentecostal
Church Size: Not Applicable
Phone: 775.443.0192
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Heaven Help Us Ministries
Heaven Help Us Ministries Media Group, or HHUM is dedicated to the body of Christ were motivated to become one of the largest and most diversified on line Christian Oneness broadcasting companies in the world today. Owning and operating, programs, or providing support, sales and services to stations, ministries, facilities, and missions across the globe. Our vision is that WE our affiliates and us will make a tangible difference to the Kingdom, either directly or through its ventures subsidiary, making equity investments in these strategic ventures possible. We were founded in the year two thousand, as a street ministry and went public on cable televisions in two thousand one as a ministry outreach from “Auction Live” and “Living Word Ministries” in Ft Myers Florida on adelfie cable channel 12 with up to twenty thousand possible viewers at any time uniting several of the churches in the area. Credited to opening up a homeless missions, and saving a historical building. We humbly aired several names like Leroy Jenkins, Arthur Blesset, and Billy Burke. Our Vision is not only to make a difference in this world but the next as well Through Dedication to the body of Christ