Frontline Community Church

Ada, Michigan - United States

Denomination: Wesleyan
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Phone: 616.676.9330
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Frontline Community Church
Currently, I am serving as the full time Worship/Arts Director in a contemporary church of 1000. I have a Total of 14 years management experience during which time I have overseen both volunteers and paid staff. Seven of those years have been as a Worship Arts Director, one as a Music Director and the balance of my years were as the co-founder and programming director of a non-profit, youth outreach. I can develop and successfully implement the vision of an organization while working with co-staff and volunteers. I’m highly creative but my experience has taught me to be extremely organized and to work very hard. I actually enjoy programming because I see the big picture creatively as well as the organizational steps needed to take us from zero to completion. I’ve used my diverse abilities to develop new, creative structures that not only serve the needs of the church as an organization but also those of the volunteers within an organization. Currently, I oversee a team of 65 high capacity artisans including teams of Worship leaders, musicians, audio/visual people, dancers, Theo-drama members and prop artists. I employ various teams each week as a way to aid in the communication of the weekly message, working closely with the pastors and the missions department. Under my direction, the department I oversee has more than tripled in size and increased greatly in quality. I’m a violin teacher turned Worship Arts director. I love God and serving His people. I love my family and I love what I do!