Mission Comunity Church

Gilbert, Arizona - United States

Denomination: Christian Church
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Phone: 480-545-4024
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Mission Comunity Church
I walked away from the lord in my late teens but my mother-in law told my husband to just try out a service plus i wanted my 4yr old son to have the oppertunity to learn and praise the Lord. The first service i attended changed myself and husbands whole life. We now feel whole again and our marriage as well as our realationship with our son is so better. We now know that without the present of christ we would never have the positive and fulfilment that we do. I also feel now that not only God and Christ has forgiven me for my past sin as well has i have i want to pursue a job within the church and school just as i did when i was child and pre-teens. without God and christ no madder the struggles i would not have or be where i am today!