Leawood Presbyterian

Leawood, Kansas - United States

Denomination: Presbyterian -- PCUSA
Church Size: 151 to 250
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Leawood Presbyterian
We are looking for a young man who feels called by God to start a middle school student ministry at a new church. We are a re-start that is three years old, despite the church having been established in 1952. It is a vibrant community of young families that has experienced a massive turnover, so much so that the elementary school, middle school and high school are the largest in the suburbs of Kansas City, and they are all within blocks of our church. We hope the calling is augmented by chemistry with our church community, i.e., they feel a passion to participate in the mission of our church of being and making disciples. We hope this person would love to invite their friends to our church. If it's just a “J O B” then it's not a good fit (BTW, I get that. I mean, I know what it's like to serve at a church and say, "I wouldn't invite my friends to this church, because I wouldn't attend this church if I wasn't being paid by them). We also hope there are competencies, specifically pertaining to the God-given desire and ability to be a middle school student magnet. I believe it's a God-given language, like at Pentecost, to speak the language of Middle Schoolese, and I don't mean slang. I mean the heart language that middle school kids respond to. I believe the difference between high school students and middle school students is that high school students look at you and say, "Do I like you?" Middle school students say, "Do you like me?" So I ask, do you like middle school students? Are you able to kick-start yourself into gear and go be present in the lives of middle school students (primarily un-churched) for 20 hours every week, mostly between 3-7pm, to be present on campus and in their world. They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. (1 Thessalonians 2:8) We don't plan on implementing "Sunday school." We want students to worship with their families. We hope the relationships established between you and the students and their families, along with the biblically sound and culturally relevant teaching and worship will engage the entire family, and help facilitate spiritual conversations by the parents and their kids. After all, we believe the parents are the primary spiritual leaders of the family, not the "professional" youth pastor or sr. pastor or anyone other than the parent. That being said, we want to provide ways to engage with the middle school students of our community and one way is to have a weekly gathering that communicates they can belong before they believe. Every student is asking, “Do I belong?” We want them to feel that they belong so deeply that when they hear us talk about the fact that we believe in Jesus Christ, they are compelled to become more like Christ due to the example you and our church community show them. You must be able to disciple students, leading them into an active, faithful relationship with God. It’s essential that you can teach core biblical doctrines in a way that students get it and live it. This sends them down the path of our purpose, which is to: Know God Grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ Show the glory of God Go make disciples Last but not least, we hope the character of Christ is evidenced by a dynamic relationship with God. We believe that can only be attained by constantly abiding in Christ so as to bring God the glory in a joyful way. It's really exciting to think about the fact that three years ago, My wife and I and our four kids were the only kids in the church. There were 12 sweet little old ladies, and now we have 100 kids from birth to 12 and about 200 adults of all ages in worship. Now it's time to engage the middle school students of our community to keep building God's Kingdom, and you get to put your thumb print on this new ministry. Something you need to know about North Leawood, where we are located, is that it's the most expensive place to live in all of Kansas City. By God's grace, we've been able to buy a house adjacent to our church building which allows for us to have a youth pastor living in the neighborhood, to be present, literally present in our community, unlike any church in all of Leawood. Not one single youth pastor lives in Leawood, due to the high cost of living. We can provide you with a salary of $15,600.00/year and a four bedroom/two bath home on 1.5 acres of gorgeous land to build a future on. Utilities are not included in that, but we hope God will bless this ministry and allow it to develop into a full-time vocation. Please feel free to email me at rkapple@leawoodpres.org or call my cell at 913.548.9825. Ryan Kapple Pastor www.leawoodpres.org 913.548.9825 rkapple@leawoodpres.org