Christsway Community Church

Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: under 50
Phone: 610-850-2472
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Christsway Community Church
Christsway Community Church “Equipping and empowering you to live your full potential” Christsway is a new non-denominational church in Metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that strives to be a socially and culturally relevant and intentionally multi-racial, multi-cultural, biblical fellowship of local small-group fellowships with a commitment to unity and the equipping and empowering of ordinary people to live extraordinary and supernatural lives in Christ. The church was conceived out of a divine vision given to the Lead Pastor, to lead a revival of spiritual maturity and of multitudes of spiritually empowered and mature people from all backgrounds and lifestyles testifying by their supernatural lives and actions, the power of Christ and God's Holy Spirit. Our global mission is therefore to glorify God and cause God’s people to glorify Him and testify to the world of the validity of Jesus Christ and the power of His gospel through personal holiness and spiritual development, personal and corporate worship, community engagement and evangelism, and the nurturing of believers into strong and fruitful leaders in all matters of faith, love, social responsibility, and economic enterprise. We believe in the Bible as the final, trustworthy authority, and infallible guide in matters of faith and life, and in the on-going work of the Holy Spirit in transforming ordinary people and empowering them to live extraordinary lives that consistently display the supernatural works that characterized the lives of Christ and His early disciples. Visit for more information.