Church of Christ

Giddalur, Not Assigned - India

Denomination: Church of Christ
Church Size: under 50
Phone: 9392501381
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Church of Christ
my name is a G.Babu working as a preacher for the Giddalur Church of Christ since 1998 year. I worked and well done that the establishment of the New Congregations at Kankarvanipalli Church of Christ, Akaveedu Church of Christ and Chinnaganipalli Church of Christ. Total gathering of the each Church of Christ members are nearly 50 persons In every congregations work had been for the Sunday School Classes conducting and Sunday worship services conducting, and Adult Bible Classes conducting by us. All most all we was accepted to spread the word of God to all the people in this area through the house visiting , tracks distribution and free campaigns of the Bible classes in different places and to explain and to teach that the word of God name of Jesus Christ, Son of God and the Kingdom of God . I and another Brother V.SHAMGAR By name, we are conducting WBS Bible Classes. We are giving massage and Gospel to the People of Giddalur and surrounding villages of Giddalur town. We are visiting the families daily and giving massage of our saviour to change their life's and we think it may turn their lives towards our saviour Thanking you, May God Bless You, Yours Brother –in – Christ, G. Babu,