Truro Church

Fairfax, Virginia - United States

Denomination: Not Applicable
Church Size: 1501 to 2000
Phone: 703-273-1300
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Truro Church
God the Father…Jesus Christ…Holy Spirit…Outreach…Bible…Vintage Christianity…Anglican…these are just a few of the keywords that go to the heart of Truro’s identity. Truro is a Christian congregation. That means that, as individuals and as a group, we have chosen to enter into the adventure of following Jesus Christ. Each of us has come to recognize our personal brokenness, the brokenness of all creation, and our need for God’s redemption and love. We have found that love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit transforms our lives, empowers us to serve others, and helps us navigate the joys and hardships of life. A large family of about 1,700 people are active in the life of Truro. We are people of all ages and of diverse ethnic and national identities. We come from varied walks of life and represent the spectrum of political viewpoints. Within this plurality, we find unity in following Christ.