St. John's Episcopal Church

Littleton, Colorado - United States

Denomination: Episcopal
Church Size: 101 to 150
Phone: 303-333-8833
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St. John's Episcopal Church
Children’s Ministry Director Position Summary Develop and administer a comprehensive, vibrant educational ministry program for children from birth through 5th grade that teaches and shows the love of Christ. Time Commitment Part-time, hourly 20 hours Education/Experience ? Associates degree or related experience ? 3+ years experience in a childcare leadership position Qualifications/Skills ? Mature Christ follower ? Passion for ministry to children and families ? Spiritual gifts of administration, pastor/shepherd, teaching, leadership ? Strong verbal and written communication skills ? Must be detail-oriented, organized and able to multi-task ? Possess discernment and have the ability to keep confidentiality Responsibilities and Duties • Actively Seek to Bring Others to Christ • Ministry o Oversee infants and children programs on Sunday mornings as well as activities for children during the week/evenings related to church-wide programs for adults. o Build and facilitate a mid-week or weekly “kids-club” or the like o Review and select curriculum materials and educational tools (in consultation with the Rector and the Christian Education Committee) o Maintain an accurate inventory of equipment and supplies, purchasing supplies as needed o Maintain a ministry/activity calendar which coordinates with our monthly church calendar o Help children find their calling and ministries within the life of St. John’s, which may include participation in children’s choir, stewardship, outreach and help each child prepare for full inclusion in the life of the parish • Leader Development o Establish and lead a Children’s Ministry Team responsible for planning the children’s activities o Recruit and train volunteers for leadership o Recruit, train, coordinate and supervise nursery staff o Develop and motivate leaders through regular meetings and opportunities for growth • Outreach o Develop an outreach vision for the Children’s Ministry consistent with the overall vision of St. John’s o Oversee outreach events and activities • Special Events o Brainstorm and plan upcoming events such as Vacation Bible School and other child-related activities, especially seasonal events o Recruit and supervise volunteers for the events o Develop events geared toward those pre, under, de, or un-churched • Management o Attend regular staff meetings, leadership meetings and retreats o Assist with the annual budget process and monitor the Children’s Ministry budget throughout the year o Make regular reports to our Vestry o Work with appropriate committees, officers and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church o Supervise payroll for paid staff within the Children’s Ministry (nursery workers) o Coordinate communication between the children’s education program and the congregation through newsletter articles, an annual report, mailings, email, website postings and phone calls o Work closely with the Youth Minister to coordinate efforts, prepare 5th graders for youth goup, and prevent overlap Accountability Rector Direct Reports Children’s Ministry Volunteers Nursery Staff