zion revival ministry int

lagos, Not Assigned - Nigeria

Denomination: Church of God -- Anderson
Church Size: 2001 to 2500
Phone: +2347063611446
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zion revival ministry int
My name is Rev Prophet Joshua Nwachukwu{J.P}, I am a native of Nkanu local government in enugu state nigeria. i was born on the 20th of april 1968. i started my primary education at Nwaora memorial primary school in the year 1973_1979 while my higher education school was an army command secondary school at onitsha, i also further my education to the fellows institute of commerce. But Gods call has been coming to me which i do realize at an earlier stage in life but never i never give a heed to it cos i never desire to be a pastor for a day and loosing interest on education made me go into trading in the year 1989 but God in his infinite mercy found me on the 7th of august 1989. i never can explain what event that happened to me but all i could hear from the witnesses is that i died. I could only remember that exactly one 0clock i fell down and only to fine myself where i cannot really explain. A great voice echoed to me and say {' YOU PRODIGAL SON HAS REFUSE TO ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION YOU WHERE SENT" And the gate of hell was open and i in deed saw hell. God spoke to me mystery about hell and some personalities i could see even some ministers that could not accomplish their sincere missions. I was flabbergasted and over whelmed, pain and tears took over me for i regret the years i wasted on earth without realizing my purpose, then i was shown the heavenly places and i could really picture Gods glory and the great voice echoed again and say 'GO, SET THE CAPTIVE FREE,SET THE BOUND LOOSED AND REVEAL THE MYSTERIES BEHIND MY WORD TO MY PEOPLE ON EARTH BUT FAILURE TO DO SO, BRINGS YOU BACK HERE IN THE NEXT 24HRS" i had an about turn and only to find myself in the gasket in the planet earth in the mix of people crying and groaning. I took up with the assignment since 1989 till date and God has been faithful to me in my calling. I could really trust him when the powers of death was defeated by him using me to raise Mrs Ngozi Nwonkoye in nigeria in the Aro_indizogu Imo state and the woman i married was raised from the death by Gods power through me before i marry her. This is my 20th year in the ministry and i have never come across any compromise. I came to know about your awareness when i was searching through the goggle search engine for the pastors i desire to meet and relate to, such pastors are nick, T.D Jakes of the potters house and the anointed men of God whose books have really touch me positively with positive impact on me. i then came across pastors job in the process of my searching. i, at first laugh at it but still glance through it even though it makes no meaning to me at the moment but lo and behold,the voice of G od spoke to me and say [Joshua] these are the people i am sending you to and he made me to understand its quite a great gathering of believers with a sound doctrine to reverence the name of the lord in spirit and truth as one big family. He told me about the yokes to be broken such as the bondage of sin, diseases, sicknesses premature death, stagnation, unmarried singles and lots more. He told to go and 'set the captive free in the land he will be taking me to" And i say, here i am, send me, I sincerely believe in God the Father, God the son, and God the holyghost that the oneness will minister to your heart as you receive God's own messenger to fulfil his own purpose in our lives. So i pray the grace of our lord Jesus Christ continue with us forever. Amen. Finally brethren. i will leave you with these words that says' DON'T PUT GOD TO TEST BUT GIVE HIS PROPHET A TRIAL. My contact number is +2347063611446 or +2348066656517. I do love us all with the love of Christ. His anointed servant Rev Prophet Joshua Nwachukwu GOD BLESS YOU.