Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 50 to 100
Phone: 405-607-4645
Email: Contact Us
We started this church about two years ago in a small office. Outgrew that and moved to a hotel conference room and now we have our own facilities we meet in. We are averaging about 50 in attendance right now. The Lord seems to be using us to minister to recovering addicts quite a bit right now. As they get saved they are bringing family members in and the church is steadily growing, both spiritually and numerically. While we are nondenominational this doesn't mean we are anti-fellowship. We are liscensed through International Breakthrough Ministries of Denton, Texas and are also under the covering of Bishop Jakes and the Potters House of Dallas, Texas. We are contemporary in thought and worship preference, however hold fast to the foundation of God's eternal Word.