Walnut Hill Community Church

Bethel, Connecticut - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1501 to 2000
Phone: 203.796.7373
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Walnut Hill Community Church
The foundation of Walnut Hill's three-year vision & strategy (2009-2012) is our MISSION STATEMENT: "In Jesus, we are - Called Together - Being Transformed - Changing our World" WE ARE CALLED TOGETHER to be a COMMUNITY that is: - Welcoming - Caring - Transparent - Diversified - Growing WE ARE BEING TRANSFORMED via SPIRITUAL GROWTH as we: - Pray - Live - Give - Love WE ARE CHANGING OUR WORLD via OUTREACH as we: - Serve our community - Witness to neighbors - Equip one another - Partner with others To realize these outcomes, the strategy theme for the next three years is CATCHING FIRE. It describes Walnut Hill as alive with fruit, and powered of the Holy Spirit, as we seek to focus more attention on Jesus and give glory to our heavenly Father. What does this look like specifically? - Renewed commitment to a deeper prayer life - Vibrant growth in Christ - Fresh and creative initiatives in worship - Joy in seeing new believers added - Increased drive towards mission - Passion for community engagement - Love for God's Word - Sense of encouragement and koinonia among us - Increased openness to God's power - Fresh desire to support God's work here at Walnut Hill. Praying without ceasing We seek intimate fellowship with the triune God - listening to His voice & His Word and interacting with Him in the everyday experiences of life.