Kingwood Bible Church

Kingwood, Texas - United States

Denomination: Not Applicable
Church Size: 251 to 350
Phone: 281-360-5231
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Kingwood Bible Church

Kingwood Bible Church is looking for a fulltime Connection Pastor who will oversee the groups (6 adult Sunday School with 140 adults in Sunday School and 9 cell groups), lead them in outreach and service projects, and who will recruit people to ministry. 


We are evangelical, Free Grace, and noncharismatic.


As evangelicals we emphasize salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of scripture, and the importance of preaching as contrasted with ritual.


As Free Grace proponents, we believe that the one condition for salvation is belief.  We are not saved by works, by repentance, by reformation, or by commitment.  Assurance of salvation is based on faith, not fruit, and is the birthright of every born again believer.  Because we are free grace, we extend grace to others in all that we do and say.  Free Grace proponents include Charles Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Andy Stanley, Charles Ryrie, Zane Hodges, Bob Wilkin, Joseph Dillow.  The view to which we do not subscribe is spearheaded by John Piper, John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, Louis Giglio.


As noncharismatics, we believe the miraculous sign gifts (tongues, interpretation, miracles, healings) died away with the apostolic generation.  We are not anticharismatic or charismatic bashers. 


KBC is a hugging church, very loving and caring.  Our $3.5 million dollar church plant is a gymnasium auditorium with a seating capacity for 250.  We have an excess of space for offices, education, and parking, so there is room to grow.  Our master plan is approved for a future sanctuary to seat 650.  We are nearly debt free.


Senior Pastor Woody Woodward has been on the job since May 1, 2008.  He was a Campus Crusade former staffer for five years, then went to Dallas Theological Seminary.  Every church he pastored has seen significant growth.  He once served as interim pastor of KBC from February 1997 to February 1998.  The church has grown from 150 to 300 in average attendance since his arrival. The other staff includes Robin Zaruba (worship), Matt Higgenbotham (youth), business administrator (Coleman McDuffee), part-time children’s ministry (Autumn Black), secretary (Katrina Shinn), a nursery coordinator, and two part-time janitors.


Kingwood is a delightful town of 80,000 northeast of Houston. Kingwood is called the Livable Forest because it is a heavily wooded, masterplanned community with 78 miles of greenbelt trails.  It is family friendly and safe.  32% of Kingwood is in church on Sunday, but 57% of the community is unchurched.


You’ll find great restaurants (Chinese, Tex Mex, Italian, French, steak, BarBQ, seafood, and even Cajun).  Great shopping abounds with a mall just 15 minutes away.  Entertainment abounds with a 24 screen AMC at the mall and 14 screens in town at Kingwood Cinema.  Kingwood is situated on the shores of Lake Houston, a paradise for boaters, jet skiers, and fishermen. Kingwood Country Club is the largest country club in America with five 18 hole golf courses.  The Kevin Costner movie, Tin Cup, was filmed here.  Four public courses are in and around Kingwood.  Kingwood has numerous health clubs.  Houston is 30 minutes away offering pro sports and cultural arts.  The Gulf Coast beaches are one hour away. 


Health care is excellent with two hospitals.  If you need world class health care, we’ve got it at the Texas Medical Center in downtown Houston.  Texas Children’s Hospital is amazing.  M.D. Anderson is one of the best in the world for cancer treatment. 


Housing costs are low.  Housing is so affordable here.  (Go to and search.)  You can get a house as cheap as $90K or as expensive as $2 million.  You will be able to live within minutes of the church.  Each subdivision has its own large pool and swim team.  Kingwood swimming is a big deal.


We have two high schools in Kingwood and there are three more across the lake that are also part of the Humble Independent School District.  The schools are top flight.  At Kingwood High, the 300 member marching band and several athletic teams are renowned.  Half of all the juniors and seniors take dual credit courses at our local junior college so that a kid can enter college with 12 or more credit hours.  There is also a Christian school in town, Northeast Christian Academy.  A few families at KBC home school.


If you wish to get a theological education, several seminaries are nearby (Dallas Theological Seminary extension campus on the west side of downtown Houston, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary extension campus in southeast Houston, and Grace School of Theology in The Woodlands).

Most or our working people commute to Houston.  Many work in the petrochemical field (Exxon, Shell, Chevron) and quite a few work for airlines because we are 20 minutes from Houston Intercontinental Airport.  The median income is $102,000.  The educational level is high, with 16% of the people possessing graduate or professional degrees. 

The demographics are Asian - 2.5%, Black - 3.8%, Hispanic - 7.8%, White - 89.8%, Other - 3.9%.


We are working to make KBC into a simple church (cf. Simple Church by Thom Rainer).  Our mission is to make disciplemaking disciples who love God, love each other, and serve the world.  To accomplish our purpose of loving God, we provide a blended worship service.  To accomplish our purpose of loving each other, we offer Adult Bible Fellowships on Sunday morning. To accomplish our purpose of serving the world, we offer small groups that either provide a basic discipleship curriculum for new believers or provide ongoing nurture and service for mature believers.  We anticipate that the incoming youth pastor will structure his ministry with the same purpose and process. We desire a strong discipleship and evangelism emphasis.


If married, the pastor’s wife must be strongly committed and involved in church. 


We do not expect you to do all the ministry; we expect you to recruit, train, and motivate a team to help you make disciples of people.


We offer a competitive salary (about $50-60K depends on experience).  The church pays for medical/dental insurance premiums ($600/month with no dependent children, $725/month with dependent children).  You get $37 a month toward your cell phone bill and a discretionary expense allowance.  We reimburse mileage at the current rate.


You get ten work days as vacation for the first year, fifteen days after five years, and twenty days after ten years of employment.  You get nine holidays and one floating holiday at your discretion.  The church has a retirement plan.  After one year of service, we match your 2% contribution to a 403(b) retirement account.  After 3-5 years, we match 3%.  After 6-7 years, we match 4%.  After 7 years, we match 5%, which means that you are saving 10% of your salary and it will grow tax free.


If you are interested, respond with your resume and attach a recent picture.  If married, include a picture of your wife.  If you have preaching skills or have a video of you teaching something, include an internet link.