South Euclid United Church of Christ

Cleveland, Ohio - United States

Denomination: Church of Christ
Church Size: 1501 to 2000
Phone: 708-431-0710
Email: Contact Us
South Euclid United Church of Christ
South Euclid United Church of Christ is a church on the move! As a historical congregation with an emphasis on diversity, we encourage people of every culture, color, class, orientation and creed to visit us as we launch out into the deep. We are a warm, friendly and inviting church, with a serious commitment to being disciples of Jesus Christ. You'll see our new church or sanctuary located at the corner of Bluestone and South Belvoir, the Sanctuary address is 955 South Belvoir, South Euclid, Ohio 44121. We gather every Sunday at 9:55 am for a traditional worship service (The Vine) and hold our contemporary worship service at noon (The Well). Both services last approximately 90 minutes. The Vine is a formal service. It utilizes printed liturgy (call and response), confession and pardoning of sins. During this worship service music is offered from our Chancel Choir, Gospel Choir, or Mass Choir. The Well Worship Experience has a band and praise team, a rather simple program that utilizes technology; freedom in the Spirit is emphasized here along with life application preaching. This is designed to be inte-rgenerational. Young people are asked to remain in worship with their families. Be yourself and wear what is comfortable--Sunday's best or casual attire--as long as it is respectful--three piece suits or jeans...all are fine...just be yourself! During the month of July, South Euclid UCC observes Sabbath month and holds one Blended worship services at 11:00 am throughout the entire month of July. We are handicapped accessible and there is a spacious parking lot with plenty of street parking surrounding the church. For our guests, toward the end of each worship service we have what is called an "Invitation to Christian Discipleship." Every few weeks, we have a New Members Orientation class. Upon completion of the class, you will be welcomed as a full member of South Euclid United Church of Christ. As part of the United Church of Christ, we believe that "no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey you are welcome here."