Union Christian Church

Tegucigalpa, (Any State) - Honduras

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 50 to 100
Phone: 504-3390-9122
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Union Christian Church
Church Overview: Union Christian Church of Tegucigalpa is an international, interdenominational, English-speaking fellowship of Christian believers. Founded in the 1960s, our current motto is “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (based on Ephesians 4:12) because a majority of our congregation works in professions in which they are directly serving others: missionaries, children’s home workers, bilingual school teachers/administrators, or people involved in diplomatic service. While much of the congregation is from the United States of America, we also have congregants from Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries in the Americas and bilingual Hondurans. Besides Union Church, there are just two or three other English-speaking fellowships in Tegucigalpa, a city of 1.2 million people. On any given Sunday, an average of 80-100 people attend Union, many driving long distances. Union Christian Church is located in a residential neighborhood surrounded by the modern, vibrant business and government district. Many congregants can only come into Tegucigalpa on Sundays, which makes the time of corporate worship and fellowship that much more important. In that sense, the Church sometimes has the feel of a small town Church in the middle of a large capital city. There are certain challenges in caring for this particular community of believers that require Union’s leadership to be flexible in their approach to Church life and ministry, adaptable to changing circumstances and creative in the execution of pastoral care. One of those challenges in the stress that some congregants bear by living cross-culturally or by working/living in impoverished and sometimes dangerous environments. Added to that is the transient nature of our community, with a certain segment rotating in and out every two to three years, which can sometimes create a barrier to community-building. Despite those challenges, Union has continued to play an important role in the spiritual growth of the English-speaking community in this city for many decades. What defines Union Christian Church: Union Christian Church is an evangelical Church strongly committed to the Bible as the only infallible rule of faith and practice, and to the systematic preaching, teaching and study of the Bible. Our congregation comes from the whole spectrum of Christian doctrine and tradition, but the foundation of deep, Christocentric preaching and teaching is what unites us as one body, as does a hunger/desire for Biblical teaching/learning/training. Other aspects of corporate worship including music, prayer, administration of sacraments, giving, service and Christian fellowship, are all practiced at Union as integral parts of our worship as well. There is a deep sense of God’s calling in daily life/work, as well as a larger world-view, which combine to form a stronger passion for Kingdom change in the greater community. The educational level of the Church body as a whole, and white collar employment is also higher than in an average US Church. While at different levels, the body also shares a bond of cross cultural experience, a sense of expatriation, and a greater sense of adventure/risk taking. The Union Church is governed by a board of elders, consisting of no less than three men that meet the biblical qualifications for elders as described in the third chapter of First Timothy and the first chapter of Titus. The pastor will be an elder in equal standing with the other members of the elders’ board, leading as a “first among equals.” The Church also has a deacon board to assist in service to the congregation and to others in need and to aid in weekly logistics. The Union Church’s worship style can be considered “blended.” Musically, you will hear a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns, thoughtfully planned by volunteers from the congregation who sign up on a varied monthly schedule. Communion is traditionally administered on the first Sunday of every month, and any believer is welcome to participate. Missions/outreach at Union often happens via the organizations in which our congregants work. In the past, this has included supporting a local deaf church, providing food and basic supplies to impoverished families, and outreach to kids on the streets or in children’s homes. Union at a glance: Average Attendance: 80-100 (may be lower in summer months and during holidays) Worship and Sunday school Schedule: o Sunday School for all ages 9:00 – 9:50 a.m. o Worship Service 10:00-11:30  Current church staff positions: o Senior Pastor (full time)

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