Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Houston, Texas - United States

Denomination: Presbyterian
Church Size: 2501 to 3000
Phone: (713) 782-1710
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Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Even as a large church (3500 members), Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church is known for its warmth, generosity, and dedication in seeking to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ in the church, the community, and the world. Presbyterians are distinctive in two major ways: they adhere to a pattern of religious thought known as Reformed Theology, and a form of government that stresses the active, representational leadership of both ministers and church members. Presbyterians trace their history to the 16th century and the Protestant Reformation. Our heritage, and much of what we believe, began with the French lawyer John Calvin (1509-1564), whose writings crystallized much of the Reformed thinking that came before him. Some of the principles articulated by John Calvin remain at the core of Presbyterian beliefs. Among these beliefs are:

• The sovereignty of God
• The centrality of Jesus Christ
• The authority of scripture
• Justification by grace through faith
• The priesthood of all believers
• Our knowledge of God and God's purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ.