Huntertown UMC/Lifehouse

Huntertown, Indiana - United States

Denomination: United Methodist
Church Size: 251 to 350
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Huntertown UMC/Lifehouse
Imagine a church that believes God is up to something. Imagine a church that believes God loves everyone (and we mean everyone) so much that He wants to pursue them. Imagine a church that allows God to do that through them! That is what Lifehouse is. Lifehouse is a gathering of people who desire to experience a full life. We are not perfect and we don’t pretend to be. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t act like we do. We don’t think you have to look or act like anyone else and we don’t want you to. We want you to be just who you are because that is who God loves and who God is seeking. When we say you belong here, we truly mean it. Regardless of your past, your baggage, or your pain, you belong here. How do we know? Well…we aren’t perfect either and God has shown us love. If He can love us…we are sure He loves you too. At Lifehouse, worship experiences are designed to allow you and God to meet. Nothing more because once you experience God we know He will do everything else. Nothing less because you deserve to experience God and we are committed to helping you do that. We strive to create an environment where you are welcome and feel like you belong from the moment you arrive. Whether it is fun at Lifehouse Kids, the upbeat and uplifting music of the Lifehouse band, the relevant and inspiring messages of our pastors or the genuine and authentic community, we know you will feel right at home when you come to Lifehouse.