Suncrest Christian Church

St John, Indiana - United States

Denomination: Christian Church
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Phone: (219) 365-9000
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Suncrest Christian Church

Suncrest is one church in 3 locations all located in NW Indiana (greater Chicagoland).


Our mission is simple; we want to be used by God to change lives. This mission is evident in everything we do, from interactions with kids and their families in SuncrestKids to the next steps we encourage people to take in our worship gatherings.


We have a fairly simple strategy for helping people grow in their faith, we call them the Four C's:

  • Cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Connect in relationships where truth meets life
  • Contribute by serving
  • Care about people far from God

We have five values that drive us:

  • Outward: Lost people matter uniquely to God.  Their separation from Jesus drives us. We regularly sacrifice for those who are not part of our church. We plant churches.  
  • Excellence:  This does not mean being perfect or slick, but we are always intentional and well-prepared, never sloppy. We invite and engage critique for constant improvement
  • Unity:  We assume the best about each other. We communicate directly. We respect order and structure. The parts serve the whole. The Mission comes first.
  • Leadership: Effective ministries are led by effective leaders. Servant-hearted. Christ-centered. Mission-driven. We must constantly reproduce and develop them.
  • Journey: Everyone is welcomed as they are. Everyone has a next step. No one has arrived. we are fascinated by authentic stories of God at work in lives. 

Suncrest just celebrated 20 years of ministry.  

In this time, "over 1000 people have experienced new life in Christ through baptism....Hungry people have been fed...Marriages have been restored...Addiction has been overcome...Young men and women have given their lives to mission work...Some days it comes naturally, even easily...But it hasn't always. Churches have had this kind of impact before, but it isn't for the faint of heart. It is actually built on a faith and conviction that is not typical in the world around us...even in many churches.

Fundamentally, it's a story of sacrifice and leadership and fighting through challenges. It's a resolve to remain outward-focused. It's a battle to keep challenging peole when everything in us wants to settle in. And it has always...ALWAYS...been led by a small core that leads and infuses the whole church.

And it is rewarding...Not just in the life to come, but right now. When I see a person who has been changed then become the agent of change...there is nothing like it. It is the very core of who we are; Suncrest is being used by God to change lives." - Greg Lee, Lead Pastor