Centennial Covenant Church

Littleton, Colorado - United States

Denomination: Evangelical Covenant
Church Size: 251 to 350
Phone: 303-797-2344
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Centennial Covenant Church
Centennial Covenant Church is a healthy, kingdom minded, multi-generational church in an exciting season of transition and growth. Planted 30 years ago in the South Denver suburb of Littleton, CO, Centennial now has about 180 active households and 300 individuals attending Sunday worship. Centennial has a tradition of starting new ministries, supporting and planting new churches, building authentic community, and embodying an integrated ministry approach. As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Centennial wholeheartedly affirms the Covenant Affirmations and embraces the distinctives that characterize our denomination. Some of these include a pursuit of unity in Christ’s mission amidst diversity of orthodox belief, a commitment to the centrality of God’s infallible word while also admitting the fallibility of many interpretations of His word, embracing the whole gospel of Christ which includes both the salvation of souls and the necessarily integrated pursuit of justice in our communities and our world, and the affirmation of the complete equality of men and women in carrying out these kingdom ministries in every role to which one is called and gifted (this includes the affirmation that scripture teaches that women are called and gifted by God into roles of teaching, preaching, and leadership). Centennial’s Mission: to glorify God by following Jesus on a shared journey of transformation in his mission to our broken world Centennial’s Vision: the flame of Christ’s presence and reign be fanned into fresh clarity and passion for CCC’s second generation of following him to carry out our mission