Community Church Hong Kong

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Community Church Hong Kong
Our Vision Unity in Diversity, Sharing God’s Grace for Life Unity in Diversity: We place a strong value on community. In Hong Kong, that means reaching out to and connecting diverse people. We come from different nations, cultures and traditions within the body of Christ- the sacramental, charismatic, evangelical and contemplative to name but a few. Many of us are new to Christianity and are building our faith in conversation with the scriptures and the traditions of the church. We are comfortable with diversity of thought and belief in non-essential matters. Our unity does not depend on uniformity. In times of disagreement we seek guidance from the scriptures and the Holy Spirit, and at all times hold before us the great commandment to love God and neighbor. Sharing God’s Grace: God desires to be in relationship with God’s people. But we choose to live outside of God’s good intentions for us. This is called sin. God sent Jesus Christ to save us from the consequence of our sin, which is separation from God. In Jesus Christ, God has given to us the gift of forgiveness. It is a gift we do not deserve and cannot earn. This is called grace. In Jesus Christ, we are accepted. We need only receive Jesus’ acceptance of us by saying “yes” to God through faith in Him. We want to share what we have received. We do this through word and deed. Whether caring for orphans or befriending the elderly, our good works are the natural outflowing of God’s grace in our lives. For Life: God has promised eternal life to all who believe in Christ Jesus. But Jesus also spoke of abundant life this side of heaven. A life lived with God is the best life possible. We want to understand, practice and experience this life. The “with-God-life” is at the heart of everything we do at Community Church.