first baptist of troy

troy, Alabama - United States

Denomination: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: 2501 to 3000
Phone: 334-566-3600
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first baptist of troy
Hello my name is Nicole Gant as you can see. I am an ordained Evangelist through by Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling. Even though I belong to a baptist church I am non denominational. I pray that God leads me into the right direction to help spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in any way that I can. The town that I am near started a chaplain program and I have been working there for a couple of months now, it is such a small hospital and not many people want to hear the word of God or want prayer that it hurts my heart to see that people are so closed minded when it comes to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking for a job where I can be around my fellow Christians and help spread the word. and I am also willing to relocate if I have to because I do not have any children to take care of so it shouldn't be a problem. Thank you and God Bless.