Parkside Church

Bakersfield, California - United States

Denomination: Baptist
Church Size: 251 to 350
Phone: 661 871 0840
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Parkside Church
Connect with God: We believe that loving God is man’s highest calling, our relationship to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ is our highest priority. We believe that all ministry, whether to believers or to those who do not know Christ, flows out of this relationship. Grow with others: Being members of a spiritual family, we aim to help believers to grow to spiritual maturity. Through large-group meetings and small-group interaction, we are trained by the Scriptures - God’s handbook for life and means for growth to that maturity. Reach the world: Our desire is to go out beyond the walls of our church to expand the kingdom of God through sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him. We believe God has given every believer a sphere of influence in which to make an impact for Christ.