Skelly Drive Baptist Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma - United States

Denomination: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: 151 to 250
Phone: 918-627-4264
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Skelly Drive Baptist Church
Skelly Drive Baptist Church is located in a great diverse community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are currently 2 years into a slow transition from an Institutional Church to a Missional Church with a weekly attendance of approximately 200 adults and children (about 35 youth). We have been reaching young families over the last two years and are pursuing that further through our transition. We believe that it is necessary to engage the culture of today in a much different manner than the church has done in the past in order to reach the Un-churched and De-churched in our community and beyond. Community involvement and awareness, ongoing discipleship, and missional lifestyle of our members are key elements in this transition. Candidate needs to read articles listed at /ivm, the website of our Pastor Art Rogers to get a glimpse of where we believe God is leading us. Student Ministry Pastor Purpose: To facilitate the the church's ministry to students and their families in ages ranging from Birth to High School. Responsibilities: Administrate the programs within the church structure relating to the various age groups of students, including, but not limited to, camps, small groups and special activities. To serve as a Pastor to Skelly Drive Baptist Church, exercising leadership and nurturing ministry as the occasion demands. Personality/Philosophy of Ministry: The candidate must work well within a team atmosphere as both a leader and a follower in the appropriate situation. The candidate must understand the concept of a "Missional Church" and be willing to join the process of transitioning our church into a more missional mindset and structure. Reading that will reinforce these concepts include the pastor's blog concerning Institutional vs. Missional Church structure - - as well as books such as Breaking the Missional Code (Stetzer), The Missional Leader (Roxburgh/Romanuk), Simple Church (Rainer/Geiger), Transformation (Roberts), Glocalization (Roberts), The Shaping of Things to Come (Hirsch), Journeys (Wright/Duren). The candidate must be able to facilitate the discipleship of students through personal relationships, church teachers and mentors and, most importantly, relationships within the family. Education/Experience: The candidate must have pursued conservative theological learning and must continue to be a learner throughout his life. The candidate should have some experience in ministry to students prior to this staff position. Skills: The candidate should be well organized and a good planner; able to lead students in worship; be a good communicator/teacher/preacher; and have at least an average knowledge of audio/video/communication technology This full-time pastoral position with health and vacation benefits is a great opportunity for an individual to be a part of a church which, by God’s grace, is positioned for and experiencing growth. Salary will be determined based on qualifications and experience. If interested, please submit resume to or mail to SDBC, Attn: Student Pastor Search, 8504 E. Skelly Dr., Tulsa, OK 74129 Résumé’s will be accepted until February 8. Relocation expenses are available if necessary.