Search to Rescue Minsitries

Lockwood, California - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: Not Applicable
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Search to Rescue Minsitries
Born 16 August 1958 Watsonville California Received Christ as Lord and Savior at the age of 5 years old in Santa Cruz California at Harbor Light Gospel Tabernacle Pastor James Salter’s Senior Pastor a part of the Pentecostal Church of God. Father was a minister in the same group (so I am a PK). Spent most of my growing up years in the church in Santa Cruz with Pastor Salter’s teaching me by example and putting me to work in the ministry. I remember as a young person he asked me if I wanted to play the base guitar I said yes I would so the next Sunday he put me on the platform showing me a few cords and said start playing. From Pastor Salter’s I learned how to love people and how to care for the lost and how to share the gospel in teaching and preaching. I learn the ministry from cleaning the restrooms, driving the church van, teaching Sunday school, being youth pastor to running the food ministry. Moved to San Jose California to work at Faith Tabernacle P.C.ofG with Rev. Archie Salter’s Senior Pastor. Filled in as his Assistant Pastor helping with teaching and preaching and running the food program. Moved to phoenix Arizona where I became the associate Pastor to a young Pastor named Kevin Goff. Working together in the District of Arizona Pentecostal Young People Association preaching in churches all around the state, help with the summer youth camps in Prescott Arizona for Junior and Senior camps. Moved to Flagstaff Arizona where I became senior pastor of a small church named Christian Life Center. Moved to Newark California working with Pastor Archie Salter’s at Newark Christian Center as the associate Pastor. Left the ministry in 1995 went to work for a company named GTE Wireless which became Verizon Wireless until 2004 at which I was working almost 7 days a week and 12 hours a day, the good thing was I paid off all my bills but the bad thing was I had a break down in doing so. I went from doctors to doctor and seen a therapist in the process. I learned a lot about the workings of the mind during this process back to recovery. I have returned back to the ministry with the help of course the Love of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and the love and care of my friends Erick and Mary Anne Rienstedt helping with there small church in Lockwood California named True Life Christian Fellowship pastured by Erick Rienstedt senior Pastor. I help with teach and as an Elder on the church board. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. To my shame I have two failed marriages and have two grown children that still live in the Santa Cruz area. Through it all God has turned the bad things in my life around and made it where I am able to help others through there hard times in this life. I truly have a heart for those that are broken down by life and people. I am a counselor with ever 25 years of experience in ministry as a pastor teacher and counselor. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselor (A.A.C.C.). I have a master in counseling from Suffield University and also bachelor degree in theology from the same university. I have completed the courses in Biblical Studies from Institute of Biblical Studies Dr. Jerry Farwell, one last thing I have taken the course with the Most Excellent Way Program for those suffering from dependences. I have held ministry license with the Pentecostal Church of God and was ordained with the International Association of Industrial Chaplains. I am currently in the process of starting a Christian Association called Search to Rescue Ministries. My gift is in helping people, my task is to have all the tools available to complete this calling.