Paradise Alliance Church

Paradise, California - United States

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Phone: 530-877-7069
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Paradise Alliance Church
Please visit our church website at: Paradise Alliance Church exists to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples of all nations starting right here on the Ridge and extending to the ends of the earth. We understand the disciple-making as a charge that involves both evangelism and discipleship as two sides of the same coin. So, while many people would describe us as outreach oriented or a church with a heart for missions and evangelism, we also spend a great deal of time and energy building into the lives of believers with the aim that they grow into a maturity marked by others-centeredness (love for God, their fellow believers and the lost). We believe that discipleship should have outreach as its final fruit and conversely that the best outreach is done by people who are well-grounded in their faith and growing in love.