Grace Lower Stone Church

Rockwell, North Carolina - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 251 to 350
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Grace Lower Stone Church
Grace is one of the oldest churches in Central NC. It is of the German Reformed tradion and was founded around 1939. We are currently seeking a pastor who will help us grow spiritually and help lead us in the direction God desires for us. We desire a pastor who is a strong spiritual leader with a biblically based message from the pulpit. One who strives to be Christ-like in all areas of his life and will teach us to do the same. A pastor, who maintains confidentiality, is an effective counselor, visits the sick, and is effective with youth. We realize that a pastor cannot 'wear all the hats' and needs an effective support system, therefore we desire a pastor who will help us recognize and utilize our spiritual gifts to serve others.