Centennial Christian Church

Saint Louis, Missouri - United States

Denomination: Disciples of Christ
Church Size: 101 to 150
Phone: 1-314-367-1818
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Centennial Christian Church
Secondary Church Musician Needed ASAP RESPONSIBILITY: The Church Musician reports directly to the Pastor. The Church Musician works with the Praise and Worship Ministry (PWM) to promote the church’s interpretation of the gospel in music. He/She must coordinate and provide the music for all services and church related events, provide leadership to the music department, train and/or coordinate the choirs of the church, assure that the music, lyrics, and choreography are in concept with the word of God as interpreted by Centennial Christian Church . Essential duties and responsibilities include: Shall hold regular weekly rehearsals with the music staff and choir(s) in preparation for upcoming services, engagements, and/or outside events. As primary musician, shall successfully implement and/or perform all phases of the music department if necessary. This includes regular and special services. In case of an unplanned absence, it is the responsibility of the Church Musician to notify the Pastor and to provide a temporary replacement plan for the music ministry of the congregation. Along with the Pastor, PWM chairperson and the members of the PW committee, the Church Musician shall schedule, plan and coordinate activities as it relates to the Music of the church and /or the total Praise and Worship Ministry. Shall attend regular meetings with the Pastor and the PWM chairperson regarding program scheduling and choir involvement. Shall insure that musical equipment/instruments are properly handled and maintained in good working condition; and coordinated authorization for repairs with the Property Ministry. Shall assist the PWM in developing adequate procedures to evaluate programs within the PWM. Shall maintain diversity in the songs/music taught. Shall be responsible for producing musical events and/or fund-raisers for the general church budget as need. Requirements: Part-time Position Preparedness-The Church Musician should arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal and ½ hours before Sunday worship services. The Church Musician should be prepared at rehearsal with music already selected, and words to the music should be written and ready for distribution at each rehearsal.