Rimbey Alliance Church

Rimbey, Alberta - Canada

Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance
Church Size: 50 to 100
Phone: 403-843-2282
Email: Contact Us
Website: http://n/a
Rimbey Alliance Church
The Rimbey Alliance Church is about 10 years old and has an average attendance of about 65 people. A little over two years ago we purchased a church of 2800 sq ft on 1.5 acres of property. We are an established church, in a stable environment, that is financially solvent. I guess we would sum ourselves up as a small church with big potential. Our parting with our former pastor was amicable and there are no current splits or schisms (at least, not that we're aware of). The church leans towards a team-oriented process and is geared for growth. As the church is relatively new, the people of the church come from a broad range of denominations, have a variety of gifts that they put to work within the church, and a high percentage are previous or current business owners (an entrepreneurial spirit). We can be enthusiastic, and are looking for a pastor who is willing to minister within a long-term vision. The town of Rimbey, Alberta is about 2500 people, with a market population of about 7500. It is an agricultural community that is also supported by the oil and gas industry. We are less than an hour NW of Red Deer, an hour and a half SW of Edmonton, and 2 hours N of Calgary. There are 12 churches in Rimbey, and an excellent ministerial association that would be a good resource for a pastor new to the community. We have a Christian School in addition to the local elementary and high school, and an excellent hospital that is undergoing an expansion.