Lighthouse Baptist/ Southern Baptist

Independence, Louisiana - United States

Denomination: Baptist --SBC
Church Size: under 50
Phone: 985-878-2288
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Lighthouse Baptist/ Southern Baptist
small church-large outreach. needs someone who love young marrieds. church made up of mostly Sr. mature in the Lord but can't move as fast as we once could. We need new "Blood" in the church. Someone our young marred people can look to guide them in healtly christian values.AND STILL KEEP THE OLDER MEMBERS HAPPY. MOST OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE ENJOY COUNTRY GOSPEL AND SOME OF THE OLD SONGS. THE SR. LOVE THE OLD SONGS AND SOME COUNTRY AND BLUEGRASS. WE USE THE KJV ONLY .NO COMPROMISE ON THIS POINT. SO WHAT I AM SAING IT'T WILL BE A HARD FIELD BUT ONE THAT IS IN NEED OF A NEW AWAKING.NICE HOME, UTILITIES PAID,EXCEPT LONG-DISTANCE CALLS. WOULD HELP IF YOU WOULD BE BY/VOCATIONAL OR RETIRED. DEACONS WOULD DISCUSS MONEY MATTERS WITH YOU.