Communuty Bible Church Lushton

Lushton community Henderson, Nebraska - United States

Denomination: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 50 to 100
Phone: 402-724-2369
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Communuty Bible Church Lushton
THE PASTOR 1.The Pastor shall proclaim the Word of God faithfully; be the spiritual leader of the congregation; give Biblical instruction; admonish and correct the congregation according to the Word of God; administer church ordinances, baptism and communion; do pastoral visitation-also visiting the sick and suffering; give spiritual aid to all those in need thereof; and to seek the salvation of lost souls. 2. The pastor shall be a non-voting member of the Church Council and shall serve as an advisor. 3. The manner of election of the pastor and his term of office shall be as follows: a: The pastor shall be called for an indefinite period of time. The pastor and Council shall prayerfully evaluate the effectiveness of the pastor’s ministry in the church at the beginning of each year. b: A confidence vote shall be preceded by a signed survey given to the congregation six to eight weeks before a confidence vote is taken. The pastor and council shall devise this short survey together. c: A vote of confidence (non-binding) shall be taken by every third anniversary, d: The ballots and the results of the confidence vote shall be delivered to council, who shall in turn discuss the vote with the pastor. The results of the vote will be given to the congregation the evening of the vote. Within two weeks of the vote, the results shall be discussed with the congregation. Giftedness: · Passionate about word of God and a relentless energy for people. · Loving in the sense of caring for the lost and hurting but a sense of purpose to go do something about it. · Friend to the community. · Flexible, example: (able to mow the lawn) keep track of administrative details, and visit hospitals. · A motivator: push without offending, inspire while not ordering people around. · Able to ride in tractors talk about grain prices, an understanding of a more agricultural type life style. Or a willingness to learn. · Disciplined: Individual will work by themselves in a VERY small community · Wife must be involved with 2 ministries. First to her husband encouraging him and loving him as Christ loves the Church. Second she must reach out to the women of the church. She does not need to start ministries or be involved in the service, but must make an effort to come to church functions and meetings as an ambassador for her husband and church. Both should be extraverted. Education: · Seminary schooling is preferred with Masters in Theology/Divinity. College degree a plus with Biblical studies degree also encouraged. Equivalent Church ministry experience will be taken into consideration. Salary: · Package includes housing plus utilities, Health insurance for entire family, gas stipend, retirement plan or 401K, vacation after a time to settle in, Salary based on experience and education. Hours: · The Pastor is expected to conduct some office hours with the expectation of being “available” during daytime hours. With the parsonage nearby he need not “live” at the church. Individual is expected to preach and coordinate Sunday morning services as well as Sunday evening. While the format of Sunday evening can emerge into something more suited to the desire of the leader, he should remain in charge of the evening. Pastor should also look to leaders in the church for more bible study or home fellowship groups of which there are few if any at this time.