Church Employment Articles

  • How to Respond to the Harshest Critic

    by Elisa Pulliam
    Why is it that we seem to notice every flaw, missed step, and wrong turn and never seem to appreciate what we do right? It’s as if we’re looking to put ourselves down before someone else gets a chance. Meanwhile, we put on labels we were never meant to wear. You’re not good enough. You’re too much. What a fool. Ugly. Rejected. I’ve worn all these labels over various times in my life. I felt like I wasn’t good ...   Read More
  • 5 Refreshing Benefits of Rest

    by Jeanne Doyon
    Slowing down can be scary when you’re used to running on the world’s treadmill. At times I have avoided rest because subconsciously I am fearful of what I will discover. There is no need to be afraid. Rest is something we are designed to do. God has both a purpose and a plan for it. So maybe it would be helpful to consider some of the benefits of rest. 1. Rest Re-Orients Our Thinking Patterns When we are weary and fatigued, it’s ...   Read More
  • 4 Thoughts On Finding a Mentor

    by Ron Edmondson
    I have had many mentors who have invested deeply in my life. I am who I am partly because of the intentionality of others pouring into my life. They have made me a better leader, better husband, father, friend, and person. One of my more recent mentors was a godly businessman who agreed to meet with me periodically. He didn’t even think he had anything to offer me, but as I observed his life and ways I knew he did. He was twenty plus years ...   Read More
  • 3 Most Misunderstood Bible Verses on Money

    by Chris Brown
    Have you ever come across a chapter or verse in the Bible that left you scratching your head? Or maybe you always thought a certain verse meant one thing, only to have your pastor completely blow your mind one Sunday when he explains it in a completely different way! I think we’ve all been there as we’ve grown in our understanding of God’s Word. That’s why it’s so important that we keep digging and learning. The ...   Read More
  • 7 Times When It Is Not A Good Time To Change

    by Ron Edmondson
    I’ve never been a proponent of the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Sometimes you need a change and nothing is “broke”. It just isn’t as good as it could be, it’s keeping other things from being better, or it’s soon going to be broke unless you change. But, there are times not to change – certainly when you are not ready for the change. Here are 7 times not to change: When ...   Read More
  • 12 Ways to Make Yourself A Valuable Team Member

    by Ron Edmondson
    A young man came to me once seeking advice for starting a new position. He wanted to know how he could set himself apart and make himself a valuable team member. I loved the question. It showed intentionality and purpose on his part. I think that has to be step one – asking good questions and seeking wise answers – and he was already doing it. I was impressed enough I decided not to give him just a few suggestions, but to give ...   Read More
  • 5 Great Ways to Overcome Financial Anxiety

    by Guy Hatcher
    If words like "money," "finance," or "portfolio" cause you to break-out in a sweat, your heart to race, your blood pressure to rise and your breathing to accelerate, you may be suffering from financial anxiety. Anxiety is part of our human nature’s “fight or flight” mechanism. Prolonged states of anxiety can cause physical as well as emotional distress and problems. The American Psychology Association released the results of a stress ...   Read More
  • 4 Risks of Attempting Risk-Free Change

    by Ron Edmondson
    As leaders, we all want to limit the risk in the hard decisions we make. Personally, whenever we are about to make a major change or launch some new initiative, I want our team to think through things which could go wrong. I want to know who is going to be upset with the change. We try to figure out some of the worst-case scenarios which could keep us from being successful. And, then we build into our plan some natural reactors to things we know ...   Read More
  • 12 Steps to Finding Financial Success

    by Guy Hatcher
    Often I am asked, how do you achieve success with your finances? I have found it takes vision, discipline, and faith to become successful. I am including 12 steps that, if you follow, will help you achieve the results you desire. 1. Ownership Come to an understanding that God has created everything in this world and you must look to him as the source for all your needs. Learning to submit to his authority in the area of money ...   Read More
  • How to be a Godly Leader — Even When It’s Hard

    by Sarah Landrum
    When you think of the word leader, images of a person in a formal position of authority might come to mind. It’s easy to think of a government official or an executive in a company as a leader. The truth is we’re all either current leaders, or we have the capacity to lead in some area of our lives. Leading others in a positive, productive direction is a huge responsibility, but don’t let that scare you. God has given you gifts ...   Read More